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York Hotel
Large Hotel just outside York used for Psychic Challenge 30th March 2005
  York hotel investigation report can be found below
Interveiwed through the night by BBC radio York. Then Live radio interview in the morning.
Brenda was later invited as a consultant on the Psychic Challenge programme
Hotel , York. 30th March 2005 (edited due to hotel not liking nasty ghosts)

Arrived at the hotel 10.40pm. Mick set up trigger objects, took temperature and EMF readings. We settled down in ROOM 15 for a vigil. Brenda felt like the room was divided into two in the past. She also felt that there had been stables to the rear of the building and an archway where the two buildings now join. It used to be a coaching inn. Brenda picked up on a girl in a grey dress with a white pinafore ( a serving girl) she was carrying a jug and bowl for washing. Mikey, Roy and Mick could smell perfume. Creaking floorboards were heard outside the bedroom itself. The EMF meters started to pick up a slight reading. Brenda thought that the girl was coming up a staircase from the opposite end of the hall to where the staircase actually is. She felt that the hotel was not called the Black Swan originally. Brenda picked up on a young man (a Lord) and there was a Harwick Hall mentioned. The young man was out in the stable area with two beagle dogs and a black horse. Brenda described him as being beautiful rather than handsome. Very tall, blond haired, and smooth skinned with piercing eyes. An older man (possibly and Aid) accompanied him. There was another older man there who was arguing with the 'Lord' it seemed to be about the dogs. This man struck the 'Lord' with a riding crop. The aid then stepped in front of his master and picked up a large piece of wood which he hit the other man with, killing him.

Brenda picked up on a man in the room sitting at a desk writing, he wore a dark coloured frock coat and Brenda felt that he was a preacher writing a sermon. There was also a rougher man who looked like a blacksmith and seemed out of place in the room.

A cushion flipped itself over on the bed without anyone touching it, this was witnessed by three people.

Mikey felt like someone grabbed his throat. He also picked up on a little girl with dark , curly hair about 4-5 years old in a flowery dress.



1am, BBC Radio York present. Brenda picked up on a sickly sweet smell - honeysuckle. Mick had a heavy feeling on his chest and stated that the room felt oppressive.

Brenda picked up on an old lady wearing a kind of bonnet that had wings that stuck out at the side and came low on the forehead. She was dressed in what looked like old fashioned nun's clothing with a shoulder bib. This woman had very bad Rheumatism. This woman had lived at the hotel , a mother, at a time when everyone seemed to be bundled in one room.

Brenda also picked up on a woman in a big brimmed hat with a posy of flowers on the front, she wore a high collared dress with a lapelled jacket that buttoned below the bust and fitted in to the waist. Leg of mutton sleeves and a long skirt, from early 1900's. She was tall and slim.

Mick experienced cobwebbing on his face and Brenda felt like someone touched the tip of her nose.

Brenda said she felt that there had been a 50th birthday party where they had taken over most, if not all, of the hotel. She had felt that a female in her mid 30's had been taken ill at this party with appendicitis.

Brenda started to go into trance and Mick said she looked like she had a black eye. Brenda said she had a burning sensation in her throat and pain in her back around the lung area.Brenda's features started to change and the right hand side of her face became droopy as a woman who had experienced a stroke started to come through. The woman gave her name as Ange, she said she was 48 years old and the year was 1972.She gave her surname as Mason and said she was staying at the hotel with her husband. At this point it looked as if Brenda had no teeth. The woman said she was sitting in a red chair and she was from Westbar. When Brenda came out of trance Mick sat in the same chair and said that he also felt a weird sensation. There was a very high EMF reading in this chair and around Brenda.



Brenda had a fleeting glimpse of a shadow moving from the bathroom towards the window. She also heard some whimpering or crying (a child or baby) and picked up on a woman named Doreen who was a chamber maid.



Brenda's face felt and looked wider, and her head looked swollen. She felt that a horse drawn carriage had overturned and someone had been killed (head injury). She got the name of Roper and also felt someone had passed as a result of being poisoned by bad water (not a murder). There was a smell of biscuits cooking and a smell of perfume. Brenda started to say some kind of poem. "When the time comes to meet your maker and darkness prevails" Mick suggested it may have been on a tombstone but it was too dark to look.

At 4.20 am we decided to call it a night.

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