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The Coach House
A very intresting place well worth visiting again cannot find any history on this building
The Coach House investigation report can be found below
8th January 2005 Old Coach house full investigation.

Investigation team Mick, Mike, Brenda, Gaz, Richard and Steve. This was to be an all night investigation at the Coach house in Derbyshire. We arrived at the Coach house at 10pm armed with camera’s, Emf, recorders and thermometers. The building is split into two a main building and a smaller building believed to be the caretakers building with a date stone inscribed 1894. We split into two groups Myself , Gaz, Richard and Steve went into the main building while Brenda and Mike investigated the Caretakers building. Inside the main building we documented the building as well has taking pictures and getting a feel for the surrounding energies, it was obvious that the building had previously been used as a club of some kind.
The building had been very neglected during the past years, but didn't seem to have any negative energies unlike the Caretakers building. We spent some time investigating the property including the vast cellar but with out any apparent activity. When we all met up again in the caretakers building Mike and Brenda had quite a lot of activity (see Brenda's Report). Once in the coach house we discussed what had happened during the first stage of our investigation. I decided I wanted to go back to the main building and take some video footage of the building while the others had a break and drinks to warm themselves up.
I started by videoing the ground floor and the upstairs, a lot of the floors were rotted away so I had to take great care where I trod. Because I was the only person in the main house I was able to hear any sounds the house made and believe me a house in this condition does make a lot of weird noises. I found nothing out of the ordinary upstairs or down so I proceeded into the cellar, the cellar was even colder than anywhere else which is what I expected. I spent some time in the cellar just sitting and trying to listen to any sounds that I couldn’t explain, down here it did feel very forbidding and when Steve radio through to see if I was ok I nearly had a heart attack. On the way out of the cellar a door slammed shut some where to the back of me I went back to investigate and found a door had closed I was unable to find any explanation to why it closed as there was no drafts or wind present. The EMF meter was also picking up a lot of activity. Once I met up with the rest of the group I informed them of what had happened also they had also had a lot of activity as well. After another short break we all did a vigil in the caretakers building setting up video in 3 positions kitchen, room and the top of the stairs we also set up recorders to record any EVP's . While we were in the vigil Brenda, Mike and Richard witnessed shapes and lights around the building the rest of us heard banging noises emanating from the upstairs that we could not explain. This took place for over an hour, on investigating the upstairs we could not find the source of the noise.
The last couple of hours we decided to do back in the main building due to the activity I had witnessed earlier. Most of the time we sat in a vigil in the part of the cellar where the door had shut it was now warmer in the cellar than it had been previously. The temperature outside was around 1 deg but the cellar was reading 4deg, the longer we sat in the vigil the colder it got until it reach 0 deg most of the group witnessed lights while in the cellar, and a very heavy feeling. On our way out of the culler we all heard another bang emanate from somewhere in the back of the cellar. The sound we found to be was a old cooker that had been stored down there which we had been looking at earlier had slammed its oven door closed. We had got the cooker on video with its door opened (Richard had opened it earlier) but now it was closed this is the only thing we could find that accounted for the banging. We spent the last hour in the caretakers building but things seem to have settled down by now and no other activity was witnessed.
Video and photos showed nothing out of the ordinary except for the normal Orbs which could be the normal dust or moisture particles but even so it was a very interesting night with a lots of unexplained activity. Please note these were the high lights of the night there were other things happening but to avoid writing a small novel we condense it down for the report.

Brenda's Report

Jan 8th. Investigation at the old derelict coach house. Investigation team Mick, Bren, Mike, Richard, Steve and Gaz.
We got to the coach house at about 10pm. We all went into the 'servants' house and off loaded all the equipment etc. The whole team stood for awhile in the living area. Bren, Mike and Richard saw a figure standing in the far right hand corner of the room. It was a tall, slim, man. Brenda described him as having 'evil eyes'. There were several small movements from upstairs.
Mick , Gaz, Richard and Steve went off to look at the 'big' house leaving Bren and Mike in the 'servants' house. A few minutes after the others had gone Bren and Mike heard a bang from upstairs followed by something shifting about in the living area. They went to investigate the living room and found nothing. While they were there they heard the sound of someone walking down the staircase by the front door. There was no one there, no one could have been hiding upstairs as there is no floor. They then went outside to make sure that there was no one out there. Back in the 'servants' house. They decided to sit quietly in the living area to wait and see what happened. It wasn't long before they both felt  the same, strong presence. One after the other they both felt a face right up against theirs and its breath on their faces. The presence moved about in the room for a good few minutes. It felt quite menacing.  There was lots of movement from above the kitchen area.  There was also a woman  and a child walking about. Bren called the others on the walky talky to let them know that there was a lot of activity but by the time they got back it had quietened down again. After a break for coffee and food. Everyone went and sat in the living area to see what they could pick up. There were a lot of noises but every time someone took a photo the noise seemed to move somewhere else. The team spent an hour and a half in this area, quite a few orbs and shadows were witnessed and there was a lot of banging and movement going on from upstairs.
After a while the whole team went down to the big house. Mike waited outside while the rest of the team went in. We went down to the cellar (see main report) 
There was a lovely old enamel cooker on legs, which Bren remarked on and said she would love to have.
Mick, Steve, Gaz, Richard followed by Bren started to go back upstairs, just as  Mick  and Steve reached the entrance hall there was a loud bang  from downstairs. Brenda went back down to the cellar followed by Richard and Gaz to find that the door on the cooker, which Richard had left open, was now shut.

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