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Castle Howard
What a fantastic night at one of our greatest stately homes. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Howard for allowing us to investigate your home and private rooms. James Martin's dad used to be chef at Castle Howard and James himself actually cooked here.
  Castle Howard investigation report can be found below

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Castle Howard 23rd July 2005.


First of all I would like to say thank you to Mr and Mr Howard for allowing us to visit this magnificent building. Thanks to Bob Sharp for staying with us throughout the night and stopping us from getting lost.


We arrived at 9.30pm and assemmbled in the Estate office. After obtaining our security passes Bob showed us to the room where that would be using as our base for the night.


Bob took us for a walk around the areas of the building that we would be investigating. Whilst on the balcony overlooking the Main entrance hall brenda got the impression that someone had either jumped or fallen from the balcony. She said she couldn't get anything else about it just a feeling of deep sorrow. Several of the members of the group said that they got a strange feeling on the servant's stairs.


We went back to our base and had a coffee before going to the first 'guest' bedroom to hold the first vigil of the night. Once in the first bedroom Mick took some baseline readings. There was no real reading on the EMF and the temperature was a steady 20 degrees all around the room. brenda thought she caught a glimpse of a child or a small animal in front of the fireplace. Several of the group smelt a 'musky' perfume. Brenda felt like there was something moving in the corner behind the chair she was sitting in. She also thought she could see someone standing between Gaz and Dave. Several of the group felt 'cobwebbing'. Brenda said it felt as though a cat was sat on her lap. There was no reading on the EMF. Brenda asked for any spirits present to show themselves, still no EMF reading.


After a few more minutes we all moved to the next room. Brenda said she could smell babies nappies. Everyone said that it felt colder. Brenda went into trance and started speaking in what sounded like German or Austrian and broken English. She said she was cold and asked if we would 'Make fire'. She appeared to be elderly and confirmed that she was female and lived in the house. She said ‘Ask Frederick to make fire’. She said she had no husband because he had died and she had no son. .She was not born in this country, born in Austria . She said something that sounded like Ashwen. Mick asked why she had come to this country. She told him to ask Frederick . She said the year was 1892 and that she was visiting. She seemed to be struggling to talk. Mick asked how many spirits live in the room and asked to speak to someone else. Someone else came through who also seemed to be old and seemed to have a stroke like condition on the right hand side of face.  Brenda then came out of trance and we all went for a coffee.


1.06 am we started the 3rd vigil in the corridor. Mick did baseline tests. Brenda asked if the corridor went round in a big circle and said that the layout had been changed.  Apart from a few shadows, which may or may not have been something, not a lot was experienced in this area.


After another break we decided to do the last vigil in the entrance hall. Mick did the baseline tests as normal. Apart from a few creaks and groans which are quite normal in old buildings we did not experience much in this area. At 3 am we decided to call it a night.


A couple of things that were quite interesting, Bob the caretaker told us afterwards that there was mention of an Austrian woman in one of the upstairs bedrooms.  Steve was reading up on the history of Castle Howard a few weeks later and found mention of a Frederick . We are awaiting further input from the rest of the group.


A very interesting and beautiful building.

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