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Private House Sheffield
Private House Sheffield investigation report can be found below
Ghostly bangs in the middle of the night

Investigation team: Mick, Bren, Mike, Steve, Gaz, Richard, Dave, Roy.


Firstly I would like to thank Mr X for allowing us into his home to do the investigation and for offering us his hospitality.

We arrived at the house at 10pm. We were greeted by Mr X who offered us tea and coffee while we got the introductions over and discussed the plan for the evening. Mr X showed the team around the house and told them what had been happening apart from Brenda, Mike and Dave who opted to work 'blind'.

Mick went upstairs to take baseline readings and set up trigger objects in all the upstairs rooms. He also put beam barriers across the doorway of the room where most activity had been witnessed.

Once he was finished we all went upstairs to begin the vigils. Richard and Roy took first session in the small bedroom, Gaz, Dave, Mikey and Steve took the large bedroom and Brenda took the computer room while Mick sat in the hallway with the night vision video camera. Firstly Brenda picked up on a ginger haired male, late teens or early twenty's, the name of Marvin/Martin, and the name of Martha. She said she also felt a strange sensation down the left hand side of her body, and a weight pressing on her but she said that she thought that originated from the large bedroom behind her. She picked up on an old woman whose breathing had a rattle to it. The old woman seemed to be standing at the top of the stairs by the bathroom. Brenda said that she thought that there were mounds under the house and saw someone walking on a different level to the floor. A child came through who seemed to be worried about the light. Little girl 5 or 6 years of age liked to dance. She plays at the top of the stairs and her footsteps are heard on the landing. Brenda said she felt that the mound under the house that she had picked up on was a burial ground with graves extending down the hill. She heard the sound of people walking and said there was an old cottage on the land, a couple with four children lived there and the father was a miller. Brenda said she felt something in the big bedroom an old woman in the computer room, slightly built, aged around 60-80. Felt very worn out and drained, energy sapped. Problem with the lungs - on her way out  Just over 5 foot, very boney shoulders and quite stooped.  Name of Martha was given. Stuff has been moved about, doesn't like things being out of place, has to put things back where they were.

Brenda joined Roy and Richard in the small bedroom. They all experienced headaches and a very heavy atmosphere. Brenda thought the room looked different to what it was (later, Mike said that he felt the same way about the big bedroom). Roy and Richard said they thought they had seen something in the corner where the wardrobe was and had got flashes of light. Richard got the number 45 but was not sure if this had something to do with the house number or not, he had not noticed the house number on the way in. Brenda said her head felt heavy and that she had got pressure across the temples. Brenda asked if there were any plague pits in the area as she felt the mound (or barrow) under the house could have been used for this purpose. Roy told her that there was a plaque pit just down the road. After a coffee break the groups changed rooms.

Brenda sat in the chair in the large bedroom while Rich and Roy sat on the bed. Mick had set up the camcorder. Brenda said she felt like she couldn't move and that there was something heavy on her legs. She looked at Roy and said she could see a woman in a dark coloured dress with high, frilled collar, Victorian looking (a bit Florence Nightingale).Her hair was worn up but not in a bun. She had awful eyes, Brenda said they looked like 'dead' eyes. The name of Bernadette was picked up. There was a feeling of someone being held down on the bed but it was not this woman being held down.There was a very tall man standing by the side of the bed bending over it. Everyone felt sick. The camcorder kept going out of focus. Brenda saw someone laying on Richard, he confirmed having this feeling. Brenda felt like she was on drugs and that her speech was slurry. Brenda said there was a big old fireplace in the room with an iron mantle.. The temperature in the room dropped considerably. Brenda asked for any spirits present to come forward. Brenda went into trance and a woman came through who said 'Help me'. The name of (what sounded like) Amy Thomas was given, although she was very difficult to understand as she seemed not to be able to talk properly.She had problems with her eyes which she said had screens and we thought this to be cataracts. She said only she lived there and that she had a nurse to look after her.. She said she was an only child and that she had no children. She mentioned the name of Rupert who we thought may have been her husband. It was difficult to decide what she said her age was it sounded like 79 or 97. When asked who was on the throne she said that the king had died, when asked what king she said George V1. She said something or someone was 'gone in fire'. She asked us to 'Make a home for Amy'.  She then said 'It's dark, he is coming to take me home soon'. She gave the name of Martin. Brenda came out of trance and we packed up the kit and went downstairs to compare notes.

Mick found that one of the trigger objects had moved slightly but it is possible that this may have been knocked. Mike had picked up on a lot of the same things as Brenda. He had got the names Martin and Martha, the ginger haired boy and the old (blind) woman with dark holes for eyes. He felt that there had been a dado rail around the wall in the big bedroom at door handle height and that the old woman had used this to feel her way around the room. On examination of the wall there was found to be an indent where this rail could have been situated.

Most of what we picked up was confirmed by Mr X. Unfortunately we did not capture any real evidence on the camcorder. We feel that what is in the house is residue of people who either lived in the house or on the land and are being picked up upon by the residents because of changes that have been made to the house and certain things that have occured therein.

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