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Established 2002
Northern College/Wentworth Castle
Stately House where you need a compass to find your way around.
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Wentworth (Northern College) 15th April 2005

We started our investigation in the cellar bar. There was a lot of dust flying around. The temperature was 16.5 degrees. Brenda felt the cellar had been used for lots of different things over the years. It had been used as a grain store, a wine cellar and to store 'black' powder,. Roy said that there had been a lot of musket balls discovered in the area.

While the others were checking temperature and EMF readings Brenda picked up on a small man dragging some very large, heavy sacks. The room started to get colder. Both Brenda and Dave felt something pinch their legs. The air got even colder but the actual temperature had only dropped by 1 degree. Brenda went into trance and a man came through who said his name was Tam (may have been Tom but spoken with a regional dialect). He asked "What tha want?" He said he worked in the cellar. He was asked what work he did and replied that he did what he was needed to do. He didn't know how old he was. He said he was unmarried with no children. He told us that they called him a simpleton cos he wasn't right in the head. He said there was a king on the throne. He couldn't count and hadn't got a dad and his mum was dead. He had worked there all his life for his food and lived 'up yonder' on the masters land. He wasn't allowed to look after the horses or drive the cart cos he was a simpleton.. He said he had never been anywhere  but he went 'up ways'. He only drinks water and is told what to do by Master William who is married to M'lady.


The Library


We all sat quietly in the library to see what we could pick up. Brenda picked up on someone who had a crushing injury. She felt that there had been a very long table in the reading room and an ornate dresser.

She said she could see footmen in full gold braided livery and white wigs carrying food up the stairs.

There would have been a staircase nearer to the room. The men retired to another room to drink Brandy and the women walked the long gallery. Very crinoline looking dress with powdered wigs. It looked very rehearsed the way they left the table with the women going one way round the table and the men the other.

We moved into the long gallery where Mike was picking things up. Brenda felt as though there had been a fire in the building, not a lot of damage but had caused mayhem. There was a strange earthy smell like burning peat. A tall, slim, man, about 6ft, mid brown hair, (a female voice spoke) late 1700's to early 1800's. He burnt his hands whilst trying to get someone out. Girls name Katerina. Some of the others thought they saw something moving at the end of the long gallery.

Mike picked up on sulphur taste, smell of mud/earth. Singed hair. Great sense of loss or sadness. Part of the building had been burned. Women walking around in the long gallery. He felt important papers had been signed in the room, something of great relevance. House hit by lightening. He said there was a tapestry missing from the wall showing riding scenes. Mike picked up the name Arabella who was an artist and that there were many pictures of her and the children. A little boy and girl, both of whom died very young. All died tragically. The little boy had a shiny blue ';Lord Faunteroy' suit. The girl was wearing a sort of head scarf and frilly collar, charcoal grey dress. The man had dark brown shoulder length hair. High straight collar, breeches and boots with cuffed tops.


Queens suite


Something moved in the room. Brenda felt some 'weird' energy and a few of the group got headaches.


We went for a walk up to the castle and took some pictures and at about 4 a.m. we decided to call it a night.


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