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Hallam FM 26.3.2016
  Hallam FM Sheffield's Main Radio stations resident ghost.
Recordings from Hallam FM investigation can be found below

View more pictures taken on the investigation here

Pictures from previous investigation

Hallam FM Investigation 26th March 2016

Great Evening organised by Soul Seeking Enterprises in aid of Cash for Kids. One very strange incident of the evening was when Brenda was in the corridor where Mikey had taken the Hallam Ghost pic in 2005. She had turned her phone off at the beginning of the evening, but whilst in the corridor on her own the phone turned itself on. She took it out of her pocket to look at it and turned it off again. When she got home she found this photo on her phone. She doesn't think that she accidentally took a photo, but says she cannot rule it out completely.

Hallam trance recording 1

Hallam trance recording 2

Hallam 3 Part of recording



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