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The Manor House
A highly luxurious Hotel with their own resident ghosts. We have revisited this location several times.
  Manor House, Petty France investigation report can be found below
The Manor House, Petty France (Most Haunted) 12th March 2005

Mick, Bren, Mike and Janette arrived at 7pm. We received a warm welcome from Lynda and Gerry who sat us down in front of the log fire. We were given a quick tour of this amazing house ( which is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside) but no information on the ghosts. Richard, Cheryl and Richards sister arrived about 8.30pm and there were two paying guests present,. After an excellent meal cooked and served by Lynda, Mick gave a talk on the equipment and how we use it.

Lynda took everyone except Brenda and Mike for a tour of the house with a history of the ghosts. Whilst in the dining room everyone got a bit of a fright when Mike walked past the window on his way back from getting something from the car.

When they finished their tour Mike presented an hour long workshop on the Runes.

After a break for coffee we started the walk around the house with the mediums (Brenda and Mike) to see what they would pick up on. We started off in the dining room where Brenda picked upon the sound of bells and a lady with a heart or chest condition. Avery upright lady, but, not tall. She had her hair tied in a bun, a high collared dress, liked to wear black at lot. Both Brenda and Mike said that she was a very dominant character who liked to prod people. Mid Victorian, a church goer (Brenda pointed towards where the church is although she didn't know it whereabouts). The lady is sometimes seen with 4 or 5 children hanging on her skirts, she does not give the impression of being the maternal type. They are not her children. She is stern but with a soft spot, she has a school marm appearance. She looks through the books in the games room but doesn't approve of Gerry's 'new age' books. Brenda said that books have moved about in the games room ( this was confirmed by Lynda). Brenda saw her cutting through a small footpath to the church.

Mike talked about someone walking into the far end of the room. Brenda picked up on a man who walks with a bit of a limp, tall and slim. Was in the first world war, middle aged, a handsome man. Brenda picked up that there had been loads of parties in this room and that there had also been several sightings of spirit.Both mike and Brenda picked up on a priest or vicar with a 'dog collar' and a cassock that fitted into the waist.

Brenda also picked upon a name beginning with M -Maurice.and the name of Agatha.

We then went through into the lounge area where a few of us had a strong smell of lavender. Brenda and Mike both saw someone crouched in front of the fireplace but felt that it would have been a cooking range rather than a fireplace at the time.

Laundry-. Brenda felt someone with problems around the head area. She felt that the room had gone straight through, a walkway (confirmed by Lynda). Mike and Brenda both picked up on a young man.Mike felt 'injustice' mike said that he was beaten and both Brenda and Mike felt that he passed as a result of his injuries. As the others started to move towards the kitchen area Brenda and mike went back to the laundry as they felt that someone had been murdered there. Mike said he saw a body on the floor.

Games Room - Brenda and Mike looked at the books to see if they could find the ones that had been found on the floor. They both picked up a distinct feeling of disgust. The lamp went off on its own, came on and then went off again.Lynda looked for the books she had found on the floor, saying one was dark red and one was dark blue, she found them on the shelf by the lamp that had gone off. It was as though someone was trying to show us where they were. Mick switched the lamp back on at the socket. The books were 'The secret lore of magic' and a 'new age' book. Lynda found a model cat in the corner but did not recognise it as belonging to them.

Attic- Mike and Richard sensed a female on the bed. They were joined by Brenda and all three of them smelt sick and also felt sick. There was a very high EMF reading around the bed area.Brenda and Mike both had the feeling of 'not being able to keep anything down'. Brenda went into light trance. Richard thought he saw something outside the door. (There is a brief sound of chanting on the tape at this point).

Brenda said her stomach felt full and Mike said something similar. A young woman wanted to come through, she had an awful taste in her mouth (like she had been poisoned). She had shoulder length brown hair and had laid in bed for a while.Mike said he could see Brenda's face changing, she looked very drawn as though she was losing weight. The room temperature seemed to drop. Mike said that Brenda felt very frail and that he could feel a baby moving in her stomach. A this point there was a strong smell of sick that almost everybody experienced. It was thought that she had been given something to affect the baby and make her lose it.

Japanese room- Brenda felt like she wanted to walk through the wall (there used to be a door there). Sensation of a tall, slim man in his 50's.

Crystal room- both Brenda and Mike picked up an elderly woman but she was not the same as the one downstairs, she was much smaller.

Gothic room- Brenda could see an elaborate ceiling rose and felt like the room had been completely different.

We then went back downstairs and Brenda did a little bit of Psychometry.

We then sat in vigil in the dining room. Mike asked for spirit to come through and to give a sign that they were there, something tapped. Brenda went into trance with Mike asking for the spirit to come through. Nothing happened for a long while then the camera switched itself off. Mick switched the camera back on. The name of Emily was given and a girl came through saying that someone was keeping her here and they had taken her baby and she was looking for it.

This information was confirmed by Lynda. The story goes that the girl got pregnant by the groom who did wrong by her. The groom was killed and the girl hidden away in the attic. She then seemed to be either drugged or poisoned (or both) and her baby died and was taken from her. Soon after she, herself, died. The body of the baby is supposedly buried in the tunnel under the house (along with the groom?).

The Manor House was built in 1800, although parts of it are believed to be a lot older.At one time it was home to the Wordsworth family. There is tunnel somewhere under the house that leads to the Bodkin pub across the road.

A 6ft tall, dark haired and dashing man has been sited in the dining room. This same man also walks through into the sitting room, he is usually sited at 10.45pm and 6am.

Lynda said that she felt something nasty in the Laundry room and saw a man who she thought was a burglar. Lynda has interviewed several people about the house and was told by one that whilst bending down in the laundry room she saw a pair of men's legs sticking out . She said these legs had breeches and buckled shoes.

There is an old woman who sits on the bed in the attic at night. this a has been witnessed by more than one person.In Lynda's daughters suite people have seen a window in the wall where there is no window. A mother and daughter have been seen in this window. The old building plans show that there was actually a window there at one time. There have been several other sightings over the years and sounds of furniture moving, etc.

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