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Print Shop
  Previously the Acorn Inn Shalesmoor
Print Shop investigation report can be found below

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Print Shop Shalesmoor

All the group had arrived by 10pm and were ready to be shown around, a brief history of the building and tour was conducted before the initial investigations started.

The investigation was spit into two teams, team 1 would take the second floor and team 2 the top floor. Because of the size of the building we only investigated the cellar, 2nd and 3rd floors.

5th February 2005 2nd floor team 1 Shane, Bobby, John, Janette, Richard, Cheryl, Mick and Brenda started investigation by taking pictures at random. Temperatures constant Emf normal. Bobby took reading with the thermometer and found the temperature dropping by 4 deg. Orbs were captured on video in this room and also the video would not focus on Brenda she tried to go into trance. Brenda picked up on a woman with 5 children in this room possibly a house keeper possible a children’s party happening in this room. Brenda thought this room would have been smaller or narrower and originally brown on the outside not looking as it is today. This is not the room the man was thought to have hanged himself, also this floor would have thought to be a banqueting room. Richard picked up on a man stood in front of the gents toilet and also thought he had captured it on video. Richard also took a very interesting picture of a orb in front of the gents toilet. Someone banged the toilet door even though no one was near. The temperature near the toilet was quite high even though it felt decidedly cold. While sat out side the toilet on the step Brenda went into trance and picked up on a young girl possibly a flood victim as she was getting very cold and agitated. The person is to believed to be a child rescued from the cellar. She also picked up on someone with a neck condition and was feeling excessively cold again. There seemed to be a lot of activity happening in the area of the toilet. John got a wet sleeve while sat in the investigation even though he was near no water. Brenda picked up on being very cold and the sound of fast flowing water, a reading on the Emf started of low and went of the scale while she was in trance. The girls name was Sarah who had a deformed hand and was also possibly a flood victim. Strange things were picked up in this room including lots of children and a young woman.

The next investigation was held in the cellar with all the team members. While in the cellar a man was seen stood near the old barrel entrance. Bobby was having problems with her phone going off on its own while in the cellar. Noise of people were heard moving around upstairs, when I went to investigate nothing was found. Again the thermometer was reading high temperatures but your body was telling you it was colder. Again Brenda picked up on people being trapped in the cellar but not by fast flowing water but by a steady rise in the water. We could not figure why these people could not escape with it not being a sudden rush of water. A lot of the team commented on seeing shadows moving while down in the cellar. Mike picked up on a man stood in the far corner middle aged man with long drawn face. Also there was a strange smell emanating from somewhere in the cellar. Also picked up on people who actually lived in these cellars. Sounds were heard again this time on the stone steps leading to the cellar. The temperature dropped drastically in the cellar and some of the team members reported seeing flashing lights towards the back of the cellar. A tapping sound or dripping sound was also heard down in the cellar. After the investigation some of the members reported having damp jean near the bottom has though they had been wading through water.

Team 1 investigation top floor.
Because the top floor was being renovated there was a lot of dust around so this would explain the orbs we picked up on film and video. Richard picked up on a lot of movement up here. On this floor my video would constantly turn it self off. Also Shane and Bobby had problems with there torch batteries which would die as soon as they were put into the torch. Brenda went it trance but I was unable to get a name from her but later she told about a man stood near the front windows. Brenda seamed to be very distressed in this building possibly picking up on all the people who died in the Sheffield flood. The person who hung himself died due to depression and gambling debts tall man medium build had a wife or girlfriend called Mary. The floor seems to vibrate upon the top floor weird never felt this before.

Last investigation in the cellar 4am most members went home leaving Richard, John, Cheryl, Brenda, Mike and Mick. Location centre of the cellar a lot of activity was witnessed down here at this time including hearing some one whispering. This investigation was conducted with us sat in a circle with a lighted candle in the middle. Noise and light was witnessed at both sides of the cellar including someone walking around. Mikey witnessed a light move down the stone steps leading to the cellar as though some one was coming down with a torch. We had some fun in the last hour in the cellar with the candle which seemed to do as we asked for example telling it to go small then large etc which it seemed to do. Again the video would go out of focus without any reason.

REPORT for Old print shop...5th Feb.
Team 2( Gaz, Mike,Steve,Paul,Dave,Craig,Joe and Jackie.).

We started our investigation in the upper level of the building in the two rooms with the bare rafters. Firstly the whole team realised a definite warmer sensation in the main room, over the smaller room to the side,(although the temperatures were exactly the same in both rooms). Trigger items were set up on a small table in the back of the adjoining room. These were drawn round to mark starting origins. In the larger room there was a very heavy feeling like a pressure pushing down on me also experienced by Joe, I also had a very tight and contracting feeling on my throat. I picked up on a presence in the corner of the smaller room of a male about 5ft 10 with brown hair and a small to medium build. He was wearing either dungarees or an apron. Steve also felt a presence in this corner of the room. All areas were photographed.(results to follow).Gaz had also picked up on a man in this corner, this mans hair was greying but he also had an apron on. This corner became a very active area, with the group experiencing a small
light travelling from the centre of this wall in a swirl up to the corner of the room. I also felt a presence in the small room behind the two main rooms that led into the corridor, this figure was again male but seemed to be sat/sprawled across the floor with one leg straight and the other bent and being held.

The second half of our investigation was in the middle floors of the building this area seemed a lot less active at first with it being a short while before we had any experiences at all. Although I did pick up on a small girl huddled up under the small table near the male toilet door. Also was an extreme feeling of sadness in the corner to the left of the toilets, it had a very dense and restless feel about it. After a short while of taking readings ( temperature and Emf). And photographs we started to get activity. Firstly our Emf meter was fluctuating between 1-10 on the lower settings whilst being placed on the small table and was not moved during this activity.
Steve and myself could hear a pulsating sound around the toilet area which lasted about 5 mins and then wasn’t heard again. Shortly after there was a loud bang which came from the toilet like a lid being slammed down upon investigation there was no way it could of fell and also there was no winds or breezes which could have blown it. Whilst Steve and I went to the lower area the rest of the team experienced voices which were captured on the camcorder,(these will be investigated to see exactly what was said). Both teams then rejoined for a vigil in the basement area.

From: Paul
To: Brenda Diskin
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 9:26 PM
Subject: Hi

Hi Brenda and Mick

I would like to thank you and the group for making me feel welcome on sat at the print works.
I am currently looking to put footage on a disk for you from the camcorder including the mysterious voice which sounds like a name ending "uke", unfortunately It is very difficult to make out exactly what is said other than what sound uke the first part is unclear.

I am looking forward to further investigations again thanks.


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