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**Note from Brenda

Brenda normally channels real people, with the occasional 'higher being' popping in for a chat. She does not believe the energies she brings through to be 'trapped spirits' that need rescuing; she says they are more likely to be those that have something to say to someone on the earth plane or those that need to let someone know what happened to them i.e. murder or accident victims, whose bodies were never found. Once they have got their message across they are then free to move on as they so wish. This is Brenda's belief based upon the knowledge gleaned from those she is in contact with.


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Please note that we cannot take members of the public on private residence investigations at any time to conform with privacy and data protection standards.

EVP's, Trance & Video
EVP'S, Trance Audios, Video Clips,Transfiguration pics and such
EVP's, Trance Audios, Video Clips, Transfiguration Pics and Such. Copyright Sheffield Paranormal Investigations. Not to be reproduced in part or whole without prior permission from SPI founders.
Independant/Direct Voice

Building a Spirit Voice Box

Brenda is developing 'independent or direct voice' and is starting to build a 'spirit voice box'. In the following audio clips the oscillating voice was the main voice that was actually giving the information and was speaking through Brenda's mouth (most of the time) although this is not always clear in the recording. The second, third and fourth quieter voices were also speaking at the same time but were coming from the voice box and not out of Brenda's mouth and were so quiet it was not possible to make out what was being said. Towards the end of the first recording a woman's voice can be heard, this is Josie asking questions as follows "I asked who was speaking - 'Horton'. Who said 'very dark, another car came, knocked me into field, hit a tree and ended upside down, I broke my back' When I asked when this happened - 'March' was the answer....I asked which year and the voice repeated over and over again was '19'..., '19'..., '19' '19'

The actual session was about 30 minutes long but for some reason did not record properly and we only got 2 minutes of it. The later recordings have had all pauses and set up and close down chatter removed so that the recording could be condensed into a shorter version

The recording from April 7th 2009.

The first recording from April 14th 2009.

The second recording from April 14th 2009.

We are hoping for some better recordings in the future. Trance recordings will also be added.

Home Trance

"Direct voice (or independent voice) is defined as a paranormally produced voice, often in seances conducted in the presence of a physical medium. The material for the voice box is made up from the physical medium, the sitter's energy, and spirit chemicals added to ectoplasm drawn from the medium. The voice box is built each time the medium sits in physical circle.


Trance from 26th April 2009

Maurice and Sarah Trance

This appears to be the place Sarah seems to be talking about

Two Brooks Valley lies deep within Hawshaw valley between Turton Road and Bolton Road. In the 18 and 19 centuries, the valley sustained a community in itself, with a number of mills, works, farms and several groups of cottages. The remains of many of these can still be seen within the valley, and the network of public paths in the area is evidence of the previous acitivity.

These paths, once busy links for horses, carts and workers, now provide the opportunity for a leisurely stroll in the delightful setting of woods, brooks, lodges and fields, or for a more depth exploration of the wildlife, industrial and architectural interest of the valley.
Two Brooks Mill

Until industry came to the area in the 1700s the whole of the Tottington, Greenmount and Hawkshaw area was little more than a collection of hamlets scattered around the hill sides and valley bottoms. The industrial revolution brought some of the larger textile manufacturers of the time to the area, making use of the damp atmosphere and the plentiful supply of soft water and they in turn attracted bleaching and calico printing companies. The population grew rapidly and in 1891 had nearly 17,000 residents. Many of these lived and worked in the Two Brooks area.

The Whowell family bought Two Brooks Mill in 1850 and continued the bleaching business which had been established in the mill. A stroll through the remains of Two Brooks Mill no longer gives the impression of the scale of the former enterprise, where up to 200 people were employed at its peak. Closer investigation of the many overgrown remains which are still visible on site in the form of stone walls, slabs, channels and lodges will, however, give some clues as to the extent of former activity.

Joe Trance Part 1

Joe Trance Part 2

EVP from old WW2 aircraft crash site 21st August 2009

When we recorded this we were unaware of where we were or any history of the site. the recording was not checked until 31st August.

This was recorded on a digital recorder all our conversations recorded at the same time were clear, undistorted and with no static. The static and background noises on this recording are all part of the actual EVP according to our historian/RAF expert they are similar to cockpit noise in an old aircraft. I cannot reveal any more information as yet as they subject is being researched to be included in a book.

Our Conversation - clear recording


Part 1

Part 2

Trance Recordingfrom Sheffield Parkway Club Chaity ghost hunt night on Wednesday April 22nd 2009


Trance from 28th October 2009

Home Circle Trance


Concord Sports Centre October 30th 2010

Volume enhanced MP3



Full Picture

Close ups

Sorry about poor quality

Close Ups

Sorry about poor quality

Picture of Face Only.

Please note: This is not 'red eye' as Brenda's eyes were closed at the time and this did not appear on any other photo's taken that night

How I normally look

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