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Cross Keys Handsworth 22nd March 2005

Team Bren, Mick, Mikey, Steve Strange, Roy, Landlady's son and friend.

Arrived at Cross Keys at 10.30pm, we went had a look at the cemetery while we were waiting for the pub to close.

We decided to do a vigil in the cellar first. here was originally a tunnel in this cellar which led to Handsworth Hall. Mikey took the far end of the cellar as his place to do the vigil the rest of us stayed in the main area at the bottom of the steps. Mick and Mikey took some digital photo's at random. We took temperature readings in various parts of the cellar and charted these readings. We then all sat and waited to see if we could pick anything up.

By now it was midnight and we had agreed to spend an hour in the cellar. Mick explained to the new people about the infra red thermometers and EMF meters and how to use them. The coolers started up and were very noisy which made it difficult for Brenda and Mikey to hear what the other was saying as they were at opposite ends of the cellar.

Brenda picked up on a man in a brown sack cloth tunic and lighter coloured breeches who seemed to be moving sacks of something. She also picked up on a priest who was dressed like a monk, Mikey also picked up on him and described him as a bit like 'Friar Tuck'.

Brenda thought she could see something next to where Steve was sat in front of the 'tunnel' (which is now bricked up). She also saw a shadow move across the entrance to the other part of the cellar where Mikey was sat, she thought it was Mikey but he had also seen it. Steve could also see something to Mikey's left but nothing showed up on the camera. A few of us thought that the part of the cellar where Mikey was sat  originally went back a lot further (apparantly a grave was found in this part).

Roy thought he saw someone walk past the door which leads down to the cellar and this turned out to be the landlady on her way home.

Brenda and Mikey inspected the back of the cellar with torches, both thought they could smell old sacking and potatoes as could Roy. The reason they inspected this area was because they had both thought they could see someone moving sacks about in this area and it looked as though they were carrying them through the back wall towards the graveyard. Once again Brenda thought she could see something near Steve.Both Roy and Mikey thought they saw a dark shadow to the left of the tunnel.

Roy saw something move across thebottom of the doorway again so Mick went to check if there was anyone there and set up a beam barrier. He returned and told us that there was no one in the bar area. Steve saw something through the camera which then went out of focus.Mick took several digital photographs again at this point.

Light anomalies were seen on the stairs and shadows were seen under the door.

Several of us heard footsteps on the stairs and more light anomalies were witmessed by three of us with the naked eye.The EMF meter which was on the stairs went off on its own (no one was near it). The name of Primrose was picked up by Brenda and Mikey. at 1am we left the cellar to do a vigil upstairs.


Mick walked around filming the other bars. The landlady's friend thought he saw a figure move behind the bar.Brenda picked up on a man with a beret type hat with a plume (like the type an old French artist would wear) probably Elizabethan with pleated leg of mutton sleeves. He ordered and was drinking a flagon of ale. She also saw a young lad serving some food. Both Mikey and Brenda thought that the room used to be set out the other way around (much longer).Brenda also saw the room being much bigger with no bar and long bench tables.

The room started to feel a lot colder and it felt like someone was trying to push in between Brenda and Mikey who were both sitting on one of the long seats, at this point the temperature either side of them was 20-21 degrees but between them it was 24 degrees and they both physically noticed the difference in temperature.

Brenda felt there was a rowdy party going on but not like a pub and got the word 'debauchery'. There were some quite strong smells.

Brenda went into trance and channelled a man called Thomas who was a grave digger aged 39 years old in 1561. He said he worked for his food and lodging and said he as there to take care of his child. He said his wife was buried there and we should go and see her grave. When asked who the king was he replied that it was a queen. At this point it was freezing cold around Brenda and the beam barrier alarm went off on its own. Brenda came out of trance and we decided to call it a night.

We were told afterwards that noises like a full bar of people were heard when the pub was actually empty. We were told about thr grave in the cellar and also that someone felt like they had their ear pulled whilst near where the tunnel was in the cellar.


The pub itself is said to date back to the 13th century when one William de Lovetot had it built along with the church. The pub building was the church house and was used by the chaplains. It was reputedly used as a schoolroom for about 200 years then sold for £43 before becoming a public house in the mid 19th century. It has the dubious distinction of being one of the few pubs in England situated in a cemetery.

The tap room which is the oldest part of the building has one timber that is reputedly dated from the 13th century. The present building is probably dated from around the 17th century.

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