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Private House 3
Strange shadows and electrical impulses in Derbyshire house
Private House 3 investigation report can be found below

Investigation team Bren, Elise, Phil, Rotherham Ghosts Mike and Joe.

We arrived at the house at approximately 10pm. Mike and Joe set up trigger objects and cameras and took base line tests. Temperature was between 15.5 and 16.5 degrees. There was quite a high EMF reading around the chimney breast area in the main bedroom, which when checked again had ceased, there was no wiring or pipe work in this area. (Apparently there had been something felt here which had also been experienced by the next door neighbours on the other side of the same wall. There was also a very strong reading around the wardrobe area. After having a cup of coffee, the team decided to do a vigil in the living room. Brenda saw an old woman by the stairs who couldn't go up them. There seemed to be some kind of activity near the window area and a cobweb kind of light was captured on video. A dark shape appeared in front of the window and there was the noise of a tap dripping coming from upstairs (later found that the hot water tap had been turned on but not by us). Brenda went into trance and a woman came through saying her name was Beryl, Berth? She said "they've all gone". She gave her age as 79 and said that she had gone into a home. She also gave the name of Thomas and said he died. When asked where the stairs were she said by the door (the stairs are in fact on the far left hand wall). Brenda came out of trance. Everyone moved up to the spare bedroom and the video camera was set up. Joe and Brenda picked up on an old man Joe said he was stooped and leaning over the bed, Brenda said he walked with a limp (one leg slightly shorter than other); both of them said he died of a heart attack. Brenda picked up that the woman had chronic bronchitis. Joe heard something in the hallway/upstairs landing and when he went to investigate saw a misty shape. Brenda said she felt something sitting on the bed behind her and also felt that she wanted to lie down as if someone had been constantly laid in bed. She said she thought that the bed was the other way round. The EMF kept giving out little beeps although no one was touching it. Brenda went into trance and according to the others transfigured and appeared bigger and broader like a man. He gave his name but no one could remember what it was after, so hopefully it came over on the tape as it was quite faint. He said it was 1415 and he took the King's shilling and went to fight at Agincourt. He said he was going to hell, he was gibbeted, he couldn't see, his hands were tied and the rats were eating his eyes. He said he had stolen bread for his wife and child. He faded and another person came through swearing profoundly. Brenda said she thought it might be the cockney man Jack that makes contact through her as the name Jack was mentioned; but on reading the notes we made after, the accent was wrong. It was more like Yorkshire dialect as he said 'shite' and was using the F word whereas cockney Jack seems to favour 'bloody'. He seemed to be moaning about a shop.

We adjourned to the living room for food and coffee. Elise produced the deeds and original plans of the house. These said that there was a Thomas E and a B J Harpham that had lived in the house. Apparently he had died in the house and she had been taken into a home, she would have been aged about 79. On the original plans the stairs were by the door. According to records there was an old Bakers shop on the site many years before, prior to the house being built in 1870. Also there was a hanging tree on the hill to the back of the house.
It is interesting to note: October 25 1415 - Battle of Agincourt: Archers of Henry V of England are instrumental in defeating a massed army of French knights. An exhausted, sick and starving English army are faced by a confident foe outnumbering them four to one. Forced into battle and against all odds, they annihilate the French and slaughter the flower of French nobility.

We may go back and do a vigil in the main bedroom at a later date. Thanks Elise for inviting us.

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