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Manor Lodge/Manor Castle Pub
Trigger objects (coins) moved and a battle was experienced
  Investigation report can be found below


We were invited to do an investigation here by the landlady and her husband. We arrived about 11.45pm. Mick did some base line tests and took a general look around while the rest of us chatted to the landlady and a couple of the customers who had stayed behind to tell us of their experiences. Once the pub was clear of people Mick set up trigger objects, a chinese coin with a marble on and a 10p piece placed on piece of paper and drawn around. He then set up the night vision camcorder and other equipment. We all moved into the 'snug' to do our first vigil. Mick moved into the side bar and was joined by Brenda who had seen movement around the floor area which had made her feel quite uncomfortable and emotional. she said that it looked like wounded men trying to crawl to safety. There was a knocking sound from the seating area by the window although there was nobody there. Mick thought he had seen shadows in this bar. Brenda said she felt that the bar went straight through to the other side at one time. (this was later picked up by Mikey when he thought that he saw someone walking through this area). Brenda picked up on there being a skirmish or battle, she said that Wessexs men had attacked the castle in the area of the pub and that many were killed and injured. Some of the details were later confirmed by a local historian. Both Mikey and Brenda picked up on a young woman in the area. Mikey, Mick and Brenda all heard knocking in the same area and saw dark shapes.

We all moved to the front bar to do a vigil but this area was very quiet. We decided to call it a night and let the landlady get to bed. When Mick checked the trigger objects it was found that one of the Chinese coins with a marble on top of it had moved about a quarter of an inch although the other one on the same piece of paper had not moved at all. It was definite that no one had touched the coins as no one had been alone at any time. All in all a very interesting investigation.

Mick always sets up trigger objects at each investigation, as you can see he writes the name of the venue and date on the paper and draws round the coins so that we can see if they move. After the investigation this paper is filed along with case notes and any other relevant information.You can see in the picture above that on this occasion the chinese coin with the marble on moved quite a bit with the marble still in place. If it had been knocked (which was not possible as no one was on their own with the coins) the marble would have rolled off.

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A massive thank you to the loyal and trusted members who have stuck by us from the early days and the many friends we have made along the way, you really are appreciated guys.

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