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Three Nuns, Mirfield
Rebuilt in 1939
  Three Nuns, Mirfield investigation report can be found below

Although it gives the appearance of been considerably older, the Three Nuns was not built until 1939 in a mock Tudor style. It replaced the original building of which parts were thought to date back to the 1497 inn. The original inn stood alongside the road occupying the present Three Nuns car park; the new building being set further back. It is rumoured that the original inn's extensive cellars still remain intact but sealed off under the car park to this day.

The Three Nuns also has connections with the Luddites who gathered in the nearby field before attacking Rawfold Mills in Cleckheaton. The Shears Inn at Hightown is the recognised meeting place of the Luddites, but rumour has it that the Three Nuns also played a part. In the 1920,s a collection of Luddite weaponry was found concealed in a ceiling.

Team: Mick, Bren, Mikey, Gaz, Steve, Royboy, Katie, Simon, Jane, Sharon.

Joined by John, Donna and 2 friends doing a sponsored sleepover for the N.S.P.C.C. and David Long (manager) and 4 members of staff.

We met at the pub just before 11pm. We split into two groups.

Group 1: Mick, Bren, Mikey, Gaz, Katie, Royboy, Sharon, John, Donna and 2 friends.

Group2: Mikey, Steve, Simon, Jane, David and 4 staff members.

We started off by splitting the cellar into two sections, group1 taking one part and group 2 the other end.

Whilst issuing equipment, it was found that the batteries in four torches and two sets of walky talky's were dead although they were fine before we left for the venue.

Group 1 set up their camcorder and sat quietly waiting to see what happened. Two of the group said that something touched them. Mick asked for any spirits to come forward and thought that he saw a shadow behind Roy. Brenda picked up on the name Tony Lee. Mick thought he saw something move behind Donna. Brenda got the impression of someone or something being dragged across the floor. Mick asked if it was a body Brenda said 'Yes' as this was said there was a loud crack that came from between Roy and Donna. Donna yelled and jumped up giving everybody a heart attack. Roy's torch battery died. Brenda picked up on a man whose right eye drooped, wearing a grey heavy linen jacket (not a suit jacket) and dark trousers. The temperature dropped by 4 degrees. Something moved on top of the filing cabinet.

The EMF started to go wild. Brenda thought she heard a girl singing. Someone saw something move down the corridor. Roy felt a breeze on his hand. The EMF was still behaving erratically. The air got colder and the surface temperature dropped from 24 degrees to 15 degrees. The EMF was going off the scale by now. The camcorder went out of focus. A man came through Brenda. He was called Wesley, he had a droopy right eye and a harsh manner. He was pointing at someone or something. Someone said' Devil' and he became very angry and disturbed. The EMF was off the scale. The man asked why we were keeping him there. He said 'It is under there' and pointed to the floor. Mick asked who was keeping him there and he answered 'Askwith'. Mick asked who was under there, 'His daughter- slut- she did this (pointing to his eye) - slut'

Mick asked if he had killed her and he said he had. When asked her name, he replied 'Annabell'. Brenda came out of trance and the EMF meter dropped to nothing. John told us that a young woman had been killed in the cellar. Brenda had no knowledge of this. John and some of the others had seen a light around Brenda whilst she was in trance.

Brenda went and stood in the flooded area of the cellar and once again went into trance. Wesley came through again and aked where the door was, he said it used to be on th back wall and led to a cart track. He said there was a tunnel which led underground. The air gat a lot colder. When asked who his master was he got agitated and said that he had no master. Brenda came back out of trance and everyone met back in the bar for a break.

The second vigil took part in the other part of the cellar. Brenda and several of the others could see a moving dark mass down the passage way. The EMF started going of the scale and the temperature dropped. Brenda, Mick, Gaz and Katie walked forward and stood in the presence. Gaz was quite badly affected by it and felt quite sick. Mick felt something blowing on his cheek and saw a movement in the doorway. Katie went back and joined the others. Some orbs (or dust) can be seen on video footage, someone threw a bottle top but no one admitted to throwing it. Brenda felt like her arm had gone completely dead.

Bren, Mick and Gaz (followed by Roy with the camera) went to look at the rest of this part of the cellar. Several noises were heard and the smell of roses was experienced. Bren and Gaz felt sick.

They all went back to join the others. As they got back to where the dark mass had been seen both Brenda and Gaz experience heavy cobwebbing. Roy felt something blow on him.Brenda felt someone walk through and picked up on the presence of a strikingly attractive girl of 18 or 19 years old who had been strangled (picked up by hee also senr throat). Shsed a girl child.

Everyone went for a break and to exchange notes. Mikey had also saw the dark mass and picked up on an evil man, Annabell and a girl singing.

The two groups joined together to do the last vigil together in the cellar. Wesley came through again and seemed to be distressed about the presence of another man in the cellar (we were not sure who this was). The camera went out of focus and a few of the group including Brenda and Mikey picked up on the dark mass again, a lot of the group felt sick. After a while it all calmed down and we decided to call it a night.

We discovered that one of the trigger objects placed on a barrel in the flooded area had moved slighty.

All in all quite a productive night.

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