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About Brenda

Brenda & Mick founded SPI in 2002 and have conducted investigations together around Yorkshire, Derbyshire and other parts of the country. Some of the venues visited have been Castles, Follies and Private Residences. Prior to this, Brenda investigated various spirit activities in London and the South of England for over 40 years and has many testimonials to confirm the quality of her work. She is a former member of Society for Psychical Research Kensington.

We welcome serious applications from people who would like to join us on our investigations or from anyone who has any paranormal activity or history of hauntings that they would like investigated.

We do not write reports about all our investigations as most of the time very little occurs but we do keep copies of all the footage. Any interesting photos are posted to the appropriate page on this website


We are at present recruiting new team members email to register your interest. See our 'Meet the Team' page for details

Please note that we cannot take members of the public on private residence investigations at any time to conform with privacy and data protection standards.

Established 2002
About S.P.I.

SHEFFIELD PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, Urban and Rural Explorers and Historical Interest Group

Fully Insured.

We are a Sheffield based group of paranormal investigators with many years experience who are dedicated to researching historical buildings, places of interest and reports of anomalies ia a bid to find out if ghosts and paranormal activity really do exist. We aim to gather documented evidence to support claims of this existence.

We conduct professionally organised psychic investigations in various 'reportedly haunted' places using a wide range of scientific and spiritual equipment. We also help with finding lost people, pets and objects and will advise you on how to deal with psychic/spiritual/paranormal influences in your home or workplace.

Brenda will also assist with murder enquiries.

We will investigate any activity that is causing anyone discomfort or concern whether proven to be paranormal or otherwise. If you would like a small team of investigators (3-4 people) to come and check your property for any signs of paranormal activity we are very happy to do this. We also have bigger teams of investigators available for larger buildings. We are fully insured to carry out this type of work.

Sheffield Paranormal Investigations is a NON PROFIT making organisation and is NOT a business. We run regular investigations with a team of up to six people. Members of the public are occasionally allowed to join us on our investigations if space allows and if our insurance covers their presence. There is NO CHARGE to the people that join us but they will be expected to make their own travel arrangements. We do not charge a fee for investigating private houses/ businesses but a contribution towards our expenses and fuel costs over a five mile radius is required

We conduct Ghost Hunt Nights in haunted locations and commercial buildings and there is a charge for these events. All our Cocktails and Screams and Le Macabre events are charged at a pre-arranged cost.

The Sheffield Paranormal Investigations team still exercises the same professional approach it always has, using a range of up to date equipment. We are here to help.

Sheffield Paranormal has a strict no alcohol policy. Alcohol can cloud your judgement when picking up sensitive information and can also be a hazard especially on narrow staircases and uneven floors; which some of our older investigation sites have a multitude of. It can also invalidate our insurance. If you like spooky entertainment, coupled with a party atmosphere, then visit our Cocktails and Screams website where you will find something to suit all tastes.

Mick and Brenda would like to say a massive thank you to the loyal and trusted members who have stuck by us from the early days and the many friends we have made along the way, you really are appreciated guys

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