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Common Leys Farm
Haunted old farm house with a hint of devil worship
Common Leys Farm investigation report can be found below
Common Leys Farm April 9th 2005


We arrived at Common Leys Farm about 6pm and went to look at the disused army village in the woods while waiting for dinner. Whilst eating in the dining room Mike picked up on a black dog. Brenda also picked up on a dog. She also picked up on a man sat at the far table, he had a shirt with a stiff collar, waistcoat, sandy hair going grey and combed back, moustache and beard, looked to be Victorian.

Mike picked up on a little girl and some of the group reported feeling sick.


The Cottage


Mike picked up on smell of  'old man', thinning on top but not bald, wearing a dressing gown He seemed quite content but had pain in his hips and back, dry throat There was a taste of liquorice - Fishermans Friend. There was a very heady feeling in the cottage. Brenda and Mike could see a shape stood behind Pat who was sitting on the bed. Brenda then sat on the bed and Mike could see someone behind her.

Brenda then picked up on a youngish girl stood by the smaller bed. The camcorder kept going out of focus. Brenda went into trance and had a girl came through who said the cottage had changd, she asked for Marcus. The girl was called Beth, she was asking for water. She had a fever, her husband had died of fever. She said that the door and windows had been boarded up and she had been left to die. The camcorder went out of focus again. The girl said "marcus has gone" Mick thought it might have been the plague.

Mike picked up on a man about 30, dark hair in a pony tail, smartly dressed, shirt done up to the top. He was sat where the small bed was, he was feverishly hot and had spots. Small pox?

Several people saw lights and orbscoming from the wall by the double bed. Angie and Mick both said they felt really sad. The camcorder turned itself off.


Main building-back bedroom


We started the vigil. Brenda said she could hear male voices and Mike said he could see little lights moving about.. Mike picked up on a woman with her hair tied up wearing a dress with a frilly white collar and buttons down the front, possibly navy in colour. There was a musty smell and the smell of humbugs, that several people experienced.Brenda and mike felt something moving around the room. Brenda went into trance. The camcorder went out of focus and there was a damp, musty smell. A man started talking through Brenda, it sounded like Romany. The entity started to get quite angry and Brenda's face and voice changed. The voice said 'It is done' and Brenda came out of trance.


Drawing Room


There was a slight fluctuation in the EMF reading, the temperature dropped and there was an unexplainable breeze. The EMF meter started to react erratically and Brenda picked up on the name of Toby.


Stables and grounds


Brenda felt that there had been some kind of pagan rituals and sacrifices carried out in the yard and stables. There had been symbols drawn in the stables. Angie said that there had been pagan rites performed on the adjoining land over the years. Brenda and Mike picked up a boy who cut his hand off in a threshing machine.


Big bedroom


We carried out a vigil in the bigger bedroom. A few of us thought we heard a drum banging but it turned out that someone had set the washing machine going downstairs. Mike got scatched on the face.

Everyone felt quite nauseous and several people left the room to have a coffee break.

Brenda went into trance and at one point it looked like Brenda had a mouthful of black teeth. A liitle girl called Lucy came through who seemed quite distressed.


Upper Landing


A girl came through singing. Brenda looked like she had a strange shape mouth and a scar down her left cheek, her face appeared to be longer and thinner. Brenda started breathing oddly and the camcorder went out of focus. Brenda came out of trance.


We took another walk around the grounds and then decided to call it a night.



Common Leys Farm is supposed to be haunted by a major in stripey trousers. A 'naughty' male gardener walks through the drawing room pushing a wheelbarrow full of gold. There is a lady wearing a pinny who hates cooking. A black Labrador dog, a little girl with long blond hair who is heard laughing and running around on the landing. There is a feeling of sadness felt in the dining room. Orbs have been seen in the cottage. The owner says that white orbs are new ghosts and red orbs are when they are passing through. A grey lady has been seen in the front paddock.

A very entertaining evening the highlight was feeding the pet rabbits in their runs, especially when Roy tried feeding an 'empty' hutch. Must have been a 'ghost' rabbit.

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