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Fat Cat
Fat Cat Previously the Alma 150 year old public house.
Fat Cat investigation report can be found below
Fat Cat 27th January 2006

Fat Cat 12.45am 150 year old public house . Trigger objects placed around house. Temperature, humidity and Emf reading taken for base test, found high Emf readings around the fires. Brenda asked if the Emf readings were due to back boilers which I doubt due to no electric being used for these. To start with I gave the group a tour of the pub and a little history of the public house. The Public house is reputedly haunted by a Ghost called Work house Mary who loves to play tricks and move things around. The cellar has now been replastered. Prior to the pub being built there was a mill on the site which burnt down. In the upstairs room there has been a figure of a woman seen by a previous landlord who was working across the road. He ran back to the public house to see who the intruder was, but found no one but his wife that had been in the kitchen at the time. We split into two groups. One group took the upstairs while my group took the back bar room. Gaz took a picture in the bar area with a strange orb shape that could not be reproduced. I tried to contact Mary "the ghost" by asking her to do something describing how she got pregnant, was placed in the work house and had her child taken from her. How she went mad how she was beaten and locked up until she died of a fever. I could not contact the entity so I tried to taunt it. I also asked who the mischievous spirit was at which stage Brenda started to go into trance. An entitiy came though called Tommy Wincanton though I found it hard to hear what she was saying. I brought pen and paper which seemed to confuse the spirit. Possibly Tommy Wincaot? He told us he was 42 years old. He said he did not work here but made pots. I asked if he could see us but was told he could see Masie not Mary. He did not know what trams were but knew what carts were. The date was thought to be 1897. I asked which school he attended and was told Brightside school. I was told he left school at 14 and went into potting Apparently he dug hearths or holes? for potting. The last thing Tommy remembered was being ill in the pub. I asked if Masie was here and was told yes she was. I asked if Masie was here girlfriend and was told yes I asked if it was his child she was carrying and the answer was yes. I asked if he left her and was told no, left her to go into the work house I said, again no he did not leave her. I had problems again hearing what he was saying. I could not understand what his reply was. I asked for Masie's surname and was again unable to understand what was being said. Tommy seamed to be talking to himself which we could not understand but there seemed to be some concern regarding 4oclock and behind the clock????. I asked for something to be moved in the room. on further investigation afterwards I found one of the trigger objects had moved. Our next investigation was in the upstairs function room. Again in the upstairs room I tried to contact any spirits First spirit to come through was Jack who is one off Brenda’s guides. While in trance a young soldier came through called Frank Constar? who was travelling through to Derby. This spirit seemed to be very disoriented and could not understand where he was. I told him he was in the Alma Public house " pubs previous name" He told me he came from up Thorn a place where he lived in Derby. I asked why he was here and he told me he was in the army, I asked what regiment he was in but got no sense from him. I asked if he was in the Crimean war or the second war, told the date was 1915, first world war. I was told he was not training here. He is apparently looking for home, I asked if he was injured he said 'bomb' he was from the boing? His eye was injured. again I asked if he was on his way home and was told no. He doesn't know where he is. I asked his rank and was told no he would not say. I demanded he told me his name rank and number by law which he replied, Lance Corporal Frank Cartel, the number I could not make out. He is married and trying to get home but doesn't understand this. I asked what it was he didn't understand and he replied 'here'. I asked what the last thing was he remembered and was told 'Big flash' but cannot remember coming home cannot remember leaving France.Last thing he remembered was Big flash and explosion.We finished the investigation upstairs with no more occurrences. We believed the soldier either never returned from France or was suffering from Shellshock Downstairs are picture of various soldiers, could this be one of the soldiers. Our next investigation we split up and each took up a vigil in what ever place we wanted. I took up a vigil in the Cellar area and found nothing at all out of the ordinary. At the end of the night we all discussed what had happened during the investigations The other team picked up on two children in the function room and also an old lady who sat and stared. Mikey described a man stood at the bar. One of the team had a peanut thrown at them and a red thimble. We all found the most active area to be the function room. While giving the descriptions we all heard banging coming from above as though some one was moving about. When we investigated no one was there. Mikey told of a lot of movement and noise while they were doing their investigation which he presumed was us downstairs but we were not in the area he described. Noises were also heard near the coal shoot. We found the night very active and interesting.

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