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Spirit I found you in the dark of night,
with the full moon shining what a glorious sight.
You wait in the shadows of your time
by lifting the veil you enter mine.
I can see you looking at me with your eyes so sure,
how did you die and what pain did you have to endure.
Your energy so strong and clear
you give me courage and take away my fear.
Death can call at any hour,
look it straight in the face because its a mighty power.
They will come for you thats for sure
with their love and light that is so pure.
Just listen to what I have said ,
still mourn for lost and dead.
Be happy dont be sad
that life goes on in the next world ,hey that cant be bad.
Love yourself and your life
some times it hurts like you have been cut with a knifeI.
ts a part of us that we have to feel,
death is not the final seal.

By Wayne Goundry= Faces

Within These Walls

My heart it lies within these walls
where my dear love once dwelt.
Until torn apart by a tragic card
that fates cruel hand had dealt.

To fight a mighty battle
within himself, he went.
He struggled against an unseen foe
until his days were spent.

His life was like a turbulent sea
crashing against the shore.
He had so many things to prove,
needed to settle every score.

The pain it seered across his brow
like the deepest thunders roar.
He banged his fists against stone wall
until his knuckles were bleeding and sore.

Heart torn from within his chest
thoughts and feelings cold as ice.
To release himself from all this pain
he would pay any price.

He dropped down upon his knees
and prayed to those most high.
He looked for answers that never came,
no matter how hard he did try.

To comfort him, I tried so hard
but all to no avail.
He would cling to me through all his pain.
"I can't go on" he'd wail.

The drawn out battle he wanted to end,
suffer he would no more.
Into the empty chalice
the poisoned wine he did pour.

Now I, alone, am left to weep
within these empty walls
and every night when I try to sleep
I hear my lover's calls.

© Brenda Diskin 2002 Published in 'A Little Bit Of Soul' 2003


Have courage young man.
Be true to yourself.
Do not fear the unknown.
The very fact that it is unkown
shows that there is nothing to fear.
Have faith in yourself
and others will have faith in you.
Your problems cannot be solved by worrying.
Worry only creates more problems.
Do not forget that you are your own person,
if you remember this then you will be able
to cope with anything that may occur.
Have confidence.

Inspirational writing from spirit, evening of 11th January 1994 at the
Barn Hotel Ruislip

© Brenda Diskin 1994 Published in 'A Little Bit Of Spirit' 2003

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