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Established 2002

Sheffield Paranormal Investigations aim to set certain standards to keep the group working in a professional manner

All our members are expected to sign and adhere to a professional Code of Conduct a copy of which appears on this page

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Please note that we cannot take members of the public on private residence investigations at any time to conform with privacy and data protection standards.

Membership Rules and
Code of Conduct
Sheffield Paranormal Investigations (SPI) aim to keep high professional standards on all their investigations.

Membership Rules & Code of Conduct

© copyright Brenda Diskin, Sheffield Paranormal Investigations 2013

Membership Rules

Members of Sheffield Paranormal Investigations (hereafter referred to as SPI) hereby agree:

1: Not to disclose any information relating to SPI investigations or activities to a third party including members of the general public, press, or other groups. This also refers to members of our own group if the people involved have asked for anonymity, anyone found disclosing said information will have their membership revoked. All reports and postings, photo's and footage pertaining to our investigations and venues are copyrighted to Sheffield Paranormal and
must not be reproduced either in part or whole without our permission. Anyone not complying with this will have their membership revoked and may face possible legal action.

1a: To inform SPI if they start their own group or become members of another group as this then becomes a 'conflict of interests'. Anyone found to be using SPI private and confidential information relating to investigation sites or the SPI name or AKA's for their own gain either monetary or otherwise, either personally or for said groups, will have their
membership revoked and could face legal action.

2: Not to discriminate against other members or clients on the grounds, of sex, sexual orientation, race or religion.

3: To act in a professional manner at all times whilst on investigations and will not bring SPI, or SPI's clients or the clients business into disrepute.

4: To actively collect and research all data relating to an investigation submitted by yourself. To disclose this information to SPI. To collate and display this information objectively and without bias, in order that individuals can form their own opinion on the subject from the information at hand.

5: To keep an open mind, to check all possible causes of phenomena scientifically. To not knowingly withold any information.

6: To give support to all persons who have experienced or witnessed paranormal, supernatural or related phenomena. If you are not qualified to give this support then please refer the person to the founder members.

• SPI sometimes charge a small fee for meetings if there is a guest speaker or special event.This goes towards speakers expenses, the cost of insurance, equipment and administration fees. The admission to normal monthly meetings is free.

• SPI members will be given first refusal on bookings for all SPI events. All members are invited to speak at any meetings on any subject, without prejudice. Anyone bringing SPI, its members or guests into disrepute will be asked to leave and have their membership revoked.

SPI will endeavour to hold regular meetings and investigations throughout the year, including social events.

Code of Conduct

Section One: Responsibility to the Client

1.0: SPI, their members and representatives have an implicit duty to keep all information, records and data formed about clients and their premises entirely confidential. No disclosure may be made to a third party, including any member of the clients own family without the consent of the client unless it is required by due process of the law.

1.1: The client must be advised of the consequences that may arise if such information is released.

1.2: Although it is desirable that the client interview is conducted by two investigators no third party, including asistants may be present at an interview without prior permission of the client.
If the client be a woman or child there should be a female investigator present. If the client is a child then there should be a responsible adult to accompany the child.

1.3: All interviews should be by prior appointment. If the interviewee refuses to co-operate in any way then he or she must not be approached further.

1.4: If the interviewee requests to have a third party present then this request must be honoured.

1.5: SPI members and investigators must not enter or attempt to enter any private property without the permission of the owner, tenant, occupier or authorised agent.

1.6: The investigator must at all times be considerate of the clients privacy and respectful towards the client and the clients property.

1.7: Due consideration must be given to the health and welfare of the client.

Section Two: Safety and Security

2.0: All SPI members and representatives on investigations must co-operate fully with the police and any other official body, especially in circumstances where it may affect National Security.

2.1: Confidential material must not be made available in any report unless agreed in writing by the client. If this permission is not obtained then only an edited report should be issued. To protect clients in sensitive situations or occupations, names, places and circumstances may have to be changed or edited.

2.2: If during an investigation it becomes apparant that a situation is , or is liable to become dangerous. That is if the situation could result in injury to members of the public or could damage property then the investigator should notify the appropriate responsible authority immediately.

Section Three: Rules that must be adhered to on a SPI investigation

3.0: All interviews should be recorded either electronically or in writing by the investigator, unless objected to by the client.

3.1: Due credit should always be given to the original source of any information. Information or data should not be witheld for the purpose of personal gain either monetary or otherwise.

3.2: Investigators should not discuss their personal theories or beliefs with any member of the public or other members of SPI during the course of an Investigation. A report will be issued when the investigation is completed and all the data has been analysed.

3.3: The excessive use of alcohol or the taking of drugs during an investigation will not be tolerated, it is not only unprofessional but could also be very dangerous especially in some of the older and less safe buildings. If the client offers an alcoholic beverage it may be accepted but please keep it to ONE drink or leave it until after the investigation is completed. You should not smoke in or around a clients property without their permission. Please keep smoking to the designated times and areas during an investigation.

3.4: SPI members should behave professionally and sensibly at all times, this does not mean you cannot laugh and have fun, but please remember the purpose of the investigation.

3.5: Inappropriate use of any type of equipment (including Ouija boards) will not be tolerated. Please respect the clients wishes, if they have any objections to any form of equipment or investigation technique being used, then please do not use it.

3.6: Anyone making derogatory or insulting remarks racist, sexist, religious, etc. or otherwise harrasing another member of the group or not adhering to the rules as stated by the group founders will be banned immediately. Please be respectful of our clients, watch your language, no profanity in the clients presence.

3.7: When you agree to these terms and conditions you are stating that you are in good health and not suffering from any form of heart, breathing, debilitating or dangerous conditions or illnesses. Pregnant women will not be permitted to attend any of our events. Although we do not foresee any problems or accidents occurring during your stay with us, unfortunately, sometimes they do happen. Due to the extreme nature of the events you will be expected to have
your own 3rd party liability insurance, or sign a disclaimer as our insurance may not cover you in certain conditions or cases. You attend under your own free will with complete knowledge that Sheffield Paranormal or any of its subsideries, organisers, staff, etc (or any of their insurance companies) will not be held liable for any accident, loss, injury or death to parties attending an event however caused. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you further indemnify, Sheffield Paranormal and any of it subsideries, organisers, staff, etc (and any of their insurance
companies) from any legal liability in respect of any costs, claims, damages demands, penalties, actions, proceedings, lawsuits, losses or expenses in respect of, or arising out of, the injury to or death of any person, or damage to any property arising out of your participation in the activity

3.8: You are responsible for your own property, equipment, items of clothing, vehicles or possessions brought onto the premises and Sheffield Paranormal or any of it subsideries, or representatives (or any of their insurance companies) will not be held responsible for any accident, loss, theft or damage to said property, equipment, items of clothing, vehicles or possessions including that left behind. During your stay with us you will act in a sensible manner and not cause harm to anyone or any property that is not owned by yourself or them

3.9: In accordance with our insurance cover no one under the age of 18 is allowed on any Public event. If you are booking for a group please make sure you are aware of everyone's age.

• We cannot guarantee that you will experience anything paranormal, we do not guarantee you will see, feel or hear anything remotely unexplainable during the event. If nothing happens at all during a paid event no refunds will be given. We do not fabricate anything or make up stories about the location

Section Four: Audio and Visual Footage, Voice Recordings and Photographs made and/or taken on an investigation.

4.0: All recordings whether audio or visual (hereafter referred to as footage), photographs, etc. whether taken or recorded on SPI equipment or a members (or non member/guests) own equipment is subject to the following:
All the afore mentioned taken or recorded at a venue, or in public or private, either during an investigation or at another time is, by law, the 'Intellectual Property' of the SPI founder members and/or the venue owners, or the subject appearing on or therein. The person recording the footage, audio and/or visual, or taking the photographs is only acting as an agent (and is hereafter referred to as such) for the SPI founder members and/or the venue owners, or the subject appearing on or therein and must, by law, make the footage and or photographs readily available to the SPI founder members and/or the venue owners, or the subject appearing on or therein and will only expect to be reimbursed for the cost of tapes, CD's and/or photographic hard copies if required by law. Also, if required by law, the agent must surrender all copies of said footage or photographs to the parties involved.
Permission must be obtained from the SPI founder members and/or the venue owners, and/or the subject before any publication (in part or whole or in any shape or form) is displayed in public or private whether for monetary gain or not. This also applies to past members.

Section Five: Use of the Sheffield Paranormal Investigations (SPI or any AKA).

The use of the Sheffield Paranormal Investigations name or any of its AKA's (hereafter refered to as SPI) is strictly forbidden in certain circumstances, and any breach of these conditions will result in membership being revoked and possible legal action being taken against the person or persons in breach of said conditions.

These conditions are as follows:

No member should use the SPI name when approaching any venue with with a view to a possible investigation, they may only state that they are a member of a paranormal group. Also when approaching said venues please adhere to conditions as set out in section 1 of the Membership Rules and section 1 of the Code of Conduct.
All possible investigation venues must be referred to the founder members (Brenda Diskin or Mick Timmins) of SPI for for any arrangements to be made. Any breach of this will result in membership being revoked.

No member must use the SPI name to gain entry to any premises or for any publicity (of any kind) or for any talk or demonstration without prior written permission from the founder members as named above.

No member must use any photographs or footage pertaining to any of SPI's investigations, no matter how these were obtained, for any public showing without prior permission of SPI (please refer to item 1 of the Membership Rules).

No member must ask for, or accept any monetary payment from any client or venue whatever the circumstances; all offers of payment or payment schedules must be referred to the founder members of SPI for approval.

No member must carry out any fund raising or collection of money or goods using the SPI name or its AKA's, this will not be tolerated and will result in membership being revoked and prosecution.

No member shall use the SPI name or its AKA's in the attempt to make anyone believe the group is their property or creation.

Fraternising with clients or any inappropriate behaviour with clients or other members of the team during the course of or, in the case of a client, after the investigation will not be tolerated.


I agree that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Sheffield Paranormal
Investigations Membership Rules and Code of Conduct and have been given access to a copy of said document (please pay special attention to the sections regarding starting your own group (Membership Rules1:1a) and use of the Sheffield Paranormal Investigations or AKA name (Code of Conduct section 5).

I verbally agree to this declaration and agree to abide by all the terms and conditions therein and understand that this agreement is legal and binding.

SPI wish to inform members that if they do not agree to everything stated in this document they can withdraw their membership to Sheffield Paranormal Investigations without prejudice.

Serious breach of any of the conditions set out in this set of Membership Rules and Code of Conduct will result in membership to the group being instantly revoked and, in some cases, prosecution.

The pictures and reports on this site bear the SPI watermark and are © Mick Timmins and Brenda Diskin Sheffield Paranormal Investigations and must not be copied or reproduced in part or whole without written permission from the site owners..

© copyright 2013 Brenda Diskin and Mick Timmins Sheffield Paranormal Investigations. All Rights Reserved Copyright at present dates applies to all pages and contents of this site. Not to be reproduced in any form without prior written permission of Brenda Diskin

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