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RAF Holmpton
Ghosts of two engineers
  RAF Holmpton investigation report can be found below
Room that makes people feel uncomfortable
Investigation team Bren, Mick, Jill, Dan, Bridget
SPI shared this venue with Rotherham Ghosts (thankyou for the invite) but did a separate investigation.

Our Report - We arrived just after 9pm. We had coffee and a catch up chat. Mick went off with Rotherham Ghosts to find out the information about the building from the museum representative.

The rest of us from SPI stayed inside chatting. We decided which group was doing which floor first and then went to explore our part of the bunker. We decided to do our first investigation in the armoury. Mick took some base line tests the temperature was constantly between 18.5 and 19.0 degrees. There were no EMF readings. Brenda thought she saw a shadow by the door and said she could hear someone speaking in German. Brenda said there was a man sat in the far left corner (looking from door) who had a bandage/patch over his right eye. Jill said her right eye kept watering. Bridget said she felt sick and Daniel sensed someone standing behind him although he was sat against the wall. Mick started to get an EMF reading by the door where Brenda said she saw someone. There were the odd few dancing lights which we couldn't decide where they were coming from. Jill pointed out two round lights on the wall which turned out to be a luminous sign. Apart from EMF fluctuations, going from nothing to high and then high to nothing, we did not experience much more.

We then went to the hospital block. Brenda picked up on a young lad with sandy coloured hair who had lost both his legs but he was not in the hospital block as it appears now. Jill and Daniel got problems with leg; Daniel actually felt the pain in his leg. Bridget picked up on the name Sandy. Brenda picked up on a name. Brenda went into trance and a man came through who seemed to be in a lot of pain with his chest but it was distant like it didn't belong in that room. After a short break for coffee and sandwiches and a chat with Rotherham Ghosts members we continued with our investigation.

Nuclear warhead room - This was apparently one of the most active spots. Jill, Bridget, and Brenda all picked up on chest pains. Brenda saw a figure walk across the room she described him as being about 5ft 10 inch in height and small to medium build, wearing old flying overalls, she said he was an engineer. Bridget picked up on spanners. Brenda said he had crushing pain in lungs and chest, she thought he may have had a condition which stopped him from being a pilot so he became an engineer. She said he was very gaunt looking with a drawn in face and had the top of his middle finger missing. Mick said this was not what had been seen but Brenda was very insistent that he was there. Brenda then picked up on a very large man, taller, fatter. She said he had a heart attack and that he was slumped over something rounded, machinery or something he was working on. Mick said the RAF representative had told them that there was a man of 32 stone who was an engineer and they had found him in the position described when they brought him his cup of tea. They had to move him by using a winch. Mick said there had been no mention of this other man.
Jill, Dan and Bridget witnessed some flickers of light. There didn't seem to be anything else going on so we moved to the next area.

Communications Centre lower office - Brenda didn't pick up on any thing here other than the people that worked there. Bridget and Jill said they felt someone was standing over them as if they didn't want them sitting in their seats. Because there was not much action we moved on.
We went to the cinema room - We said as it was getting late everyone could go wherever they wanted for the last 45 minutes. Bridget, Jill and Dan stayed where they were. Mick went off to the auditorium (for a snooze probably - long drive back). Brenda went back to the armoury to sit in on her own as people had experienced a lot in here before. Apart from being very dark and the feeling of someone stood next to her and a slight mist there was not really very much. Brenda put most of this down to imagination or feeling very tired. There was no feeling of sickness as most people who have visited the site have described. There were some very strange EMF readings by the door which seemed to move position and that stopped when the door was open and started again when it was closed. Brenda tried various tests but could find no obvious explanation (another of life's mysteries yet to be solved).
It was time to head back upstairs to get ready to leave. We packed up while having coffee and sandwiches.
We went to speak to the RAF representative and Brenda asked him about the other man in the Warhead room, he confirmed that there were actually two people that had died in this area and confirmed Brenda's description (relief- she was getting worried).
We left around 3am for the journey home. A very interesting place, well worth a visit.

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