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Mosborough Hall Hotel
According to legend this hotel has a friendly ghost- 'The White Lady'
  Mosborough Hall Hotel investigation report can be found below

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Mosborough Hall Hotel 750 year old Building.

13th February 2005
2300 hours room 218 team Mick, Richard, Steve and Brenda previous to the investigation we were given a tour of the Hotel by Sally. This Hotel has a reputation for being one of the most haunted Hotels in Sheffield. We set-up trigger objects and motion detectors in three rooms which we were to be investigating. Mikey while being shown around saw a face in one of the empty hotel windows, on investigating this room we found it empty. Room 218 was quite active with orbs and lights witnessed by most team members. We also witnessed strange marks on the carpet that could only be seen through the infrared camera. A lot of lights were witnessed on camera as well as by sight by most team members again. We also witnessed a tapping on the window and door. Richard also saw a figure go past out side the window even though we were on the second floor. We didn’t pick up on any actual presents in this room but there were a lot of activity with lights and Orbs. We did not witness no abnormalities regarding the EMF or temperature readings. We had problems with the video turning it self off. We believe that there was possibility of a child in this room due to the size of the entity present here.

0030 hours room 222 this is suppose to be the most active room, old 4 poster bed and panelled walls one of the oldest rooms in the hotel. The temperature in this room was a lot lower than the other rooms even though the heating was turned up. The chair nearest the fireplace was the coldest area of the room and also there seamed to be a strange smell in this area. I witnessed as though some one was breathing on my face. While sat in the chair near the fire place Brenda thought she saw some one stood to the side of me. Again the video would go out of focus even though it never happened in the other room. Again Orbs and lights were witnessed in this room. Brenda picked up on a girl who had possibly been killed in this room and was also pregnant. Again marks were seen on the carpet that was only visible by infrared. We were getting a lot of interference on the camera in this room which we could not account for. While the camera was on the tripod away from us on the replay we could hear heavy breathing. A lot of unexplained noises were heard on the video while the camera was left on the tripod. While myself and Brenda was sat on the bed I got up to take pictures there appeared to be some one or something still sat at the side of Brenda, this was also witnessed by Richard. At this point I took temperature readings and EMF readings around Brenda the temperature was 5 deg lower than elsewhere in the room and the EMF was higher only in one area around the bed. Brenda also felt as though someone had been seriously burnt in this room including smelling burning flesh.

Room 220 This room is where Mikey saw a face in the window when we were being shown around. We had set-up trigger objects in this room which were two large marbles on a tray with talcum powder spread out, at the end of the investigation both marbles had moved and the talcum powder had got strange indentation in it. Nothing much was picked up in this room but there seemed to be the spirit of a female in this room. The last hour was spent back in room 222 with team 2 while videoing there is a constant sound of someone breathing on the tape this has to be the best evidence of EVP yet.. See Team 2 report for the rest of the night.

Report for Sunday 13th Feb: Mosborough hall hotel.

Team 2 (Mike and Steve).

Upon arrival we were shown around the hotel and all its grounds and joining buildings, during this walk around the grounds I saw a figure walk past
the window to the left of a flag to the front of the building, when we got back inside I asked at the reception which room number it was, I was told it
was room 220 and that there were no guests staying in that room and no staff had been in. Room 220. We went straight up to the room and as we entered the room the door to the bathroom was half open( It turns out that this room was the window that the figure had passed and this door was weighted so it did not stay open
yet was half open on arrival).We decided that this was the room that team 2 would start the investigation in. During our investigation in this room there was a loud single tapping noise in the bathroom there was nothing in the bathroom to make this noise and the Emf meter had higher readings in this room. After taking a few photographs we noticed there were orbs around me in the photos (Steve’s pics will follow). the room itself had a strong presence of someone else being in the room this was particularly strong in the area where the sofa is. There were small lights dancing around the room this was seen by both Steve and myself soon after the lights we both noticed a strange smell although we could not describe the smell exactly but there was a similarity to sour milk and was very strong this was followed by a mist moving in the centre of the room and a small light shot across the bed.

Room 222.

Feeling of deep sorrow / intense emotion really unhappy although there was not a uncomfortable sensation at all. My face felt like it was changing
all the muscles in my face felt like they were dropping also very hard to breathe and a very sore throat. Creaking floorboards near the doorway like someone walking around experienced by Steve and myself . After a while of sitting on the bed I felt a strong poke in the back, like a thumb with a lot of pressure, soon after there was a cough like sound and then a bang in the bathroom. During our time in the room there were some very strange readings of Emf on and under the bed.


History of the haunting

Mosborough Hall Hotel. Many years ago, the terrain around the Mosborough area of Sheffield was an expanse of unbroken moorland. This is reflected in the origin of its name, as Mosborough is an adaptation of "Moresburgh", which means "the fort on the moor". Today, this statuesque hotel can be found just outside Sheffield, on the A616 towards Chesterfield. The Saxon Wulfric Spott, who owned lands as far as Conisborough in Doncaster and Laughton in Rotherham in Ethelred's reign, was also overlord of Mosborough at the end of the 10th century. Twenty years after the Norman conquest, Mosborough was passed on to its new Norman lord, Ralph Fitzhubert. Fitzhubert and Roger di Busli were two of the major South Yorkshire landholders after the conquest. However, rather than implying that Fitzhubert had taken up residence in his newly-won lands, he possibly rarely ever visited Mosborough! Noble landlords were often absentees, spending much of their time at court or abroad, although the existence of a fort in Mosborough would suggest that a household of importance was in residence at some point in history. The hall itself has features in common with many historic houses, in that it has been a site for continual re-building and updating. Hence, nobody can be quite sure of the date of the first hall, although it could have been built as long ago as Saxon times. Much of the current building is 17th century in origin. Mosborough hall has seen many owners throughout history, and was even commandeered during the civil war in the 17th century. According to the history leaflet supplied by the current owners (who purchased the building in 1974), Cyril Wells, the local colliery owner, bought Mosborough hall in the 1930's. One of the most popular stories associated with Mosborough hall is that of a young woman who was murdered here many years ago. Her lover is said to have stabbed her to death in a midnight row, and ever since, her ghost has walked the house and grounds on certain nights of the year. According to Mr Sam Beecher, manager at Mosborough hall, an apparition has been seen by staff and visitors on many occasions, and appears on average up to four times a year. Mr Nicholas, the co-manager of the hall, now logs all sightings of their mysterious guest as and when they are reported! Each time a room has been renovated and its structure altered (such as removal of walls and floorboards and so on), the ghost is reputed to show her distress. Receptionist Jean Macmillan was sitting in the bar one afternoon when she saw the figure of a woman gliding through the dining area, wearing a long grey high-bodiced dress with white collar and cuffs, and floor-length pleats. The figure's dark hair was taken back into a bun, although Miss Macmillan could not see her face. The spectre appeared by the window in the restaurant, and headed towards the bottom end of the dining room where there had once been a passage. The lady seated next to Miss Macmillan at the time also saw "something", probably the end of the woman's trailing dress, although she could not be as specific in her description. The following week, a visitor to Mosborough hall was sitting in the bar when he too saw the woman in the dining room! More recently, Miss Macmillan was able to identify the costume the grey lady wore as that of the Georgian period. One of the male guests recounted seeing a woman appear in his room one night, as his wife slept beside him. He was so taken by her beauty that he did not wake his wife, and continued to watch the apparition in fascination! The following story was recounted by the granddaughter of a lady who worked as the cook at Mosborough Hall, until her marriage in 1901 when she left domestic service. Mr Beecher feels that the room described in this particular account is most likely to be the current room 22, which was number 9 until a recent extension was added. The hall was known to be haunted in the 1800's by the family who resided there. There were many strange happenings in the house, but the most spectacular of these was centred on a room which is believed to have once been the library, although later became a bedroom. This particular room was plagued by a poltergeist. Ornaments and books were thrown around and furniture was moved from one side of the room to the other almost every day. At first, residents of the hall were blamed. In those days, all domestic staff who were employed had their own quarters in the building, and a great number were needed to run a house of such size. However, many of the staff were afraid to go into the room, and the squire became concerned about their tales. In an attempt to discover whether there was indeed anything amiss , or whether a sinister joker on his staff was to blame, he devised a plan. One day, he sealed the library to all outside visitors. Each one of the windows, every door, and every possible route by which a person could enter or leave the room was dealt with. However, the squire decided prudently that he would not spend a night in the room alone; he opted to sleep outside the main door, which he locked before laying down on his mattress. Whether or not the squire was woken in the middle of the night by strange goings on from inside the room, or even if he managed to sleep at all, is unknown. However, in the morning the door was unlocked to reveal furniture, books and ornaments scattered all over as they had been many times before ... Whether or not the phantom of the murdered woman was responsible for the happenings at the end of the 19th century, or if indeed she is the grey lady currently in residence, is unclear ...--but it is conceivable that a building with such a history as Mosborough hall might have more than one ghost!

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