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Established 2002

About Mick, Brenda & SPI

Brenda & Mick have conducted investigations together around Yorkshire, Derbyshire and other parts of the country since 2002 . Some of the venues visited have been Castles, Follies and Private Residences. Prior to this, Brenda investigated various spirit activities in London and the South of England for over 40 years and has many testimonials to confirm the quality of her work. Former member of Society for Psychical Research Kensington.

We welcome serious applications from people who would like to join us on our investigations or from anyone who has any paranormal activity or history of hauntings that they would like investigated.

We do not write reports about all our investigations as most of the time very little occurs but we do keep copies of all the footage. Any interesting photos are posted to the appropriate page on this website


We are at present recruiting new team members email to register your interest. See our 'Meet the Team' page for details

Please note that we cannot take members of the public on private residence investigations at any time to conform with privacy and data protection standards.

Methods of Payment
We accept the following forms of payment

* Paypal - which we prefer as it is instant and safeguards both us and our clients. You will find paypal buttons on all our events pages.

* Bank transfers - email us on for details.

* Cheques or Postal Orders.

* Cash - sent by Special or Recorded delivery.


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