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Public House Stannington
Smell of candles when none had been used
  Stannington Public House investigation report can be found below
Trophies moved in cabinet
Investigation team Brenda, Steve Strange, John and Bridget.

There had been reports from the Landlord of the pub and members of staff of doors opening on their own, feelings of being touched, sightings, objects being moved, etc. The following is a report in the Landlords own words:


"Shortly after taking on the Pub, several mysterious events took place, when I later relayed some of the events to some of the long term Locals, They swiftly attributed the strange goings on to a "Ghost" called Morris, who was a previous Landlord at the Pub who died in his car but comes back to "haunt" the place where he lived, i.e. my Pub.
Now the pub was built in 1964 and according to Public knowledge several people have died whilst "actually" on the premises, enjoying a Pint or two. Off the top of my head I cannot recall their names but there are several Locals who can.
 Now whilst I do not believe that the paranormal activity can be attributed to "Morris", I do however believe that they may well be some form of presence/presences.
I shall now list some of the strange goings on that I can remember off the top of my head:
1) Glasses have "fallen from shelves only to land 6 or more feet away and smash, in both sides of the Pub.
2) A strong smell of freshly snuffed candles has been evident to staff and customers alike all at separate times including, my Wife, Bar Staff, customers and I. This was prior to us ever even having candles even in the building.
3) Areas of the Pub have appeared to have totally different temperature, such as nice and warm then if you step a single foot in to the Lounge area the temperature difference is ridiculous, almost as if you were stepping into a walk in freezer. This temperature difference was noticed by 3 separate people all at once when they attempted to walk in to the Lounge area from behind the Bar. I personally stepped over the "threshold" and all the hairs on my neck and arms stood on end and goose pimples were evident immediately on my arms. I showed the goose bumps to 2 of my friends as it happened and I then attempted to cross the "threshold a further 2 times and each time I got the same reaction. At this both of my friends tried to do the same by crossing the "threshold" and they too had the exact same reaction that I did, even though they both had thick long sleeved tops on.
4) The gas bottles in the Cellar have turned themselves of on two separate occasions, which is impossible to do, apart from manually.
5) My friend and I were both playing Pool during the day and we both witnessed something sweep from behind the Bar in our direction, at which point I felt someone/thing come to a sudden halt behind me.
6)  On another occasion my Wife called me on the mobile to ask me why I was upstairs in the bedroom, yet both my friend and I were both playing Pool again and we were the only ones in the building. This was approximately 1500 Hrs.
7) I was once sat looking out of the Tap Room window when I felt someone sit alongside of me and the smell of stale cigarettes was overwhelming. This was while the Pub was shut, during the day and well after the smoking ban had come in to place
8) A friend of mine who is staying in the Pub looking after it for me, awoke at approximately 3am and as he entered the upstairs toilet he heard the distinct sound of glasses "clinking" in the downstairs Bar area, as if they were being "collected" or picked up in bunches"


We arrived at the pub at 11.30pm . Investigation team Brenda, Steve, John and Bridgett, no one had read the Landlords report, but Steve and Brenda had visited the pub prior to the investigation to interview the Landlord. On this occasion it was lunch time, the pub was empty, both Brenda and Steve picked up on a man who had had a heart attack (customer or the Landlords grandfather?). Brenda picked up on an Irish man who had been a customer who had a habit of licking his lips and rubbing his mouth. We did not pursue this any further at the time as we were coming back to do an investigation and did not want to influence it.


On arrival we were met by the Landlord (Mr A) and the barman (Mr B).

Brenda set up a standard thermometer on a table in the back (lounge) bar. A video camera in the lounge bar facing the toilet door which according to the staff members has been seen to open on it own. Trigger objects were set up on a table in the lounge bar near to the snooker table. A web cam was set up behind the bar focused on the area between the two bars. Steve set up sound recording equipment on the lounge bar and placed the microphone in the centre of the table where we were to do our vigil.

Trigger objects were placed on a table in the Tap room.

Temperature readings were taken with an infra red thermometer in various areas of the pub which seemed to be a standard 16.5 - 17 degrees. EMF readings were taking and there were no fluctuations apart from in the areas where there were electrical equipment, appliances, wiring and plumbing.


We settled down around a table to do a vigil. Bridgett asked if there were any spirits present and if so they could come forward and make them selves known to us. Mr B who was sitting by the window said he felt something he didn't like. There was a slight reading on the EMF. Mr B was uncomfortable so Brenda told him to tell whatever was around him to go away, which he did. No EMF reading. Oddly throughout the evening there was hardly any fluctuation in temperature or EMF readings, which is quite unusual.

There were a few creaks from the far corner of the room which we attributed to the room 'going to sleep', pipes cooling down etc.

Bridgett took some digital photos which contained the usual orbs and reflections but little else.

There was little happening in the lounge so after about 40mins we moved from the lounge bar to the Tap room, leaving the trigger objects set up in case there was any activity.


Once in the tap room we set up the video camera facing the bar entrance (unfortunately). The sound equipment was set up and once again and the microphone placed on one of the tables where we were sat. Steve set up two glasses on the bar to see if they would be moved. We were all sat on the seating where two or three people had been said to have died.

Once again we sat in vigil. Brenda went into trance and picked up the names Harry and Archie. She started speaking in a voice with a slightly Irish accent which was hardly audible but seemed to be swearing and saying something about a woman not wanting him to be out drinking. Bridgett felt tightness in her chest and down her arm which she felt was attributed to a man passing with a heart attack.

Brenda became quite agitated whilst in trance and started saying "Watch" and "Look at the mister" which the others presumed was "watch the mist". Everyone, apart from Brenda who was in trance, thought they saw two dark figures stood by the bar where the glasses had been placed which seemed to stay there quite some time before fading. Mr B said he did not like it and thought there was something not very nice there. A small terrier type dog was seen in the middle of the floor (this same dog had been seen and felt in the bar area by Brenda on the day of the pre-investigation interview and also earlier in the evening in the lounge bar. Mr B said he felt the dogs name was Tina.

The strange thing was that all the time this was going on there was no fluctuation in temperature or EMF readings although a few people said they felt it had got colder.

Usually when Brenda is in trance there is a very distinct fluctuation in EMF readings, but there was absolutely nothing which is very unusual. Brenda later concluded that although her energy was being used nothing was actually coming through her.

Mr A thought he heard someone say "Hello" which quite upset him but when Steve checked the audio recordings he found it to be his own voice saying hello to Brenda when she came out of trance.


When Brenda came out of trance and everyone had calmed themselves it was decided to check out the out the upstairs accommodation and cellar areas. After spending a short period in these areas the team were in agreement that there didn’t seem to be any activity, in fact everywhere in the pub seemed to have quietened down.


One thing we were definitely aware of during the course of the investigation was the gent’s toilet flushing at intervals, due to being set on a timer.


One thing we forgot to do before we started was to check the trophy cabinet as there had been reports of the trophies inside moving forward on the shelf although the cabinet was locked. Whilst in trance Brenda had been pointing towards the area of the trophy cabinet. When the cabinet was checked at the end of the investigation there were marks in the dust indicating that the trophies had moved, but being as this was not checked beforehand we cannot say for definite that this occurred during the investigation.


The team conclude that although there seem to be some spirits of past customers that can be picked up on by the mediums in the group. There does not appear to be any definite paranormal activity. It is believed that Mr B is significantly attracting spirit activity which is why he is seeing and feeling a lot of things in the pub. It is also believed that Mr A and his family are quite psychically attuned themselves so therefore are experiencing very similar things to Mr B. The psychic vibrations emitted from Mr A, his family and Mr B appear to be causing energy fluctuations which can also be felt by other people.

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