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Feathers Inn
Haunted by the ghost of a murded girl whose lover killed her.
Feathers Inn investigation report can be found below

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Feathers Inn over 300 year old Building.

Pocklington 4th March 2005 Hotel upstairs storeroom. Investigation team Richard, Cheryl, John, Brenda, Mikey and Mick. Investigation started Midnight. Mick and Brenda in store room other members in larger room. Brenda thought some one had pulled her hair as soon as she entered the room. Mikey set of the alarm with his camera so we knew the sensor was working. We set up trigger objects in both rooms including sensor alarms beam barriers and EVP recorder. All members started picking up on activity as soon as they entered the room. Brenda started picking up on a entity in the small room felt has though some one was pressing down on her chest. The other team witnessed a flash of light near the top of the ceiling. Brenda felt cold around her even though the temperature was constant. Movement was witnessed by the other team around the ceiling area. While in the smaller of the two rooms Brenda saw a swirling shadow move across the room. Using the infrared nigh vision equipment I was unable to see what Brenda could see. Brenda thought the entity was a female moving around and but disappeared when I entered the room. Brenda thought the person had possibly been strangled and the pushed down stairs. She had the impression that she had hands around her throat, being pregnant and shoved down the stairs. She described the girl has having dark brown hair and being 20 to 30 years old. She all so picked up on a gentleman in the room and that the female was pleading with this man because she had her child. The man came from the big house from this area possibly a manor house. The man was described as towering above the female at this point Brenda became very emotional due to picking up on the female at this point. He was tall wearing grey breaches and white stockings quite tall around 6 foot she was around 5 foot, He was cursing her and hitting her while she was begging him and pleading to him. Brenda also witnessed him lifting her by the throat while they are arguing .Brenda believed the girl was quite well educated and liked to read. She believed her name to be Charlotte very pretty and bright the man was thought to be a gentleman with money. The female actually looked taller than she was. During viewing the footage we got a lot of interference on the sound from the camera which we couldn’t explain. All through the first part of the investigation the team witnessed shadows and lights. The child belonged to the gentleman and he no longer wanted her now she was pregnant. We had strange readings around Brenda’s throat with the EMF Meter, and got a few Orb’s on video in the small store room. When we went for a coffee break and left the camera running and the room was empty we picked up the faint sound of someone whistling. During the coffee break I conducted a second base line test the Emf readings had got higher and the temperature had dropped 2 deg. While sat in the room on my own while the other team members had a coffee break I thought I heard some one walk around in the smaller of the two rooms. While looking at the film footage there was unexplained noises while I was on my own I the rooms. Also noises were heard while no one was in the room. On our second vigil when checking the footage we had quite a few orbs recorded on video. Brenda got a strange feeling in her legs as though she was being dragged by her feet. She also felt as though all down her side was freezing. On the video footage we also think we can make out someone crying. Brenda later in the night picked up on a second man this person was not a good person and had a disfigured face. This person is believed to have been brought to this room by the gentleman from the manor possibly to dispose of the body of the female. Brenda also counted 4 but could not find out the significance of 4. The last vigils temperature had actually gone up even though it felt decidedly colder. We conducted a séance in the last vigil but did not pick anything else up.
Brief History of the Feathers Pocklington.

1756 Cut a Feather Inn
1834 became the feathers Inn
It was the subject of a political squabble, Lord Chancellor of England Lord Brougham his daughter and private secretary came to stay at the Tory inn on the way to hull the lord chancellor complained that there were no breakfast ready for him and was show to a dirty room local press waged war wig paper Vs Tory paper one condemning the Inn the other praising and critiquing the lord chancellor . Pocklington made national news.

Extract from Pocklington Today Pocklingtons local Paper.

Ghost-busting team to visit historic pub

A POCKLINGTON pub is set to get a visit from real life Mulder and Scullys who are on the hunt for spirits -but not of the alcoholic kind.
Many folk claim to have seen or sensed the presence of the infamous ghost known as Charlotte at The Feathers Hotel, Market Place - including manager Graham Turvill.
And rumour of the ghoul has spread to a pair of ghost researchers at Sheffield - who are now planning to seek it out with a scientific trip this week.
Mr Turvill said: "They contacted us some time ago because it seems our spook is becoming well known. It must be logged or registered somewhere and they sent us a letter saying they want to come and find it. It should be an interesting experience."

Mr Turvill said the pair are made up of a female medium and male scientist who are working together like Mulder and Scully from cult TV show X-Files to find out about things that go bump in the night. But the Mick is something of a sceptic and says he is looking for hard scientific proof to prove him wrong.
They will arrive at the pub on March 4 and their experiment will be done in two halves.First will be the scientific side with video cameras, thermometers and other gadgets designed to measure any changes what so ever in the room. They will set this up and then leave it over night to see if anybody, or anything, shows up.
As well as this the medium will also use her powers to learn about the building and an in-depth look at the history of the pub will be carried out.
Mr Turvill said the pair had already been to some other ancient buildings and how in one incident in Sheffield the medium pre-dicted that a pub had once been a newsagents - and was right.
The ghost that is said to haunt The Feathers is thought to be a young woman called Charlotte. As one version of the story goes her husband or boyfriend was a highway man and he was killed in the stables at the back of the feathers, which is now the car park. On seeing this she ran upstairs into her room and killed herself Other versions include that she was murdered by the highwayman after she turned down his advances, and you can hear the clunk of her body being dragged downstairs. He was then hanged at the back of the hotel. The room is now a store cupboard as people were too scared to spend any time in there.
The legend of Charlotte has been passed down the generations of landlords, managers and customers at the pub and Mr Turvill said that the ghost hunt could find something after he had a strange encounter him-self.
He said: "I am a sceptic and I don't really believe in this sort of thing. But three months ago I had a strange experience in here. I was sat having my tea and heard the rustle of a plant and saw a woman's arm.
I thought someone had got drunk and fallen asleep in the toilets so I got up to look but there was no-one there. But I saw it clear as day."

Pocklington Today

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