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Established 2002

We are at present recruiting new team members email to register your interest.

Please note that we cannot take members of the public on private residence investigations at any time to conform with privacy and data protection standards.

Here we explain some of the equipment we have and what it is used for. If there's something we have forgotten or you think we need please Email us.
  Some of the equipment used on investigations
Tape Recorders- Mini tape recorders can be used for notes but if you are going to use it for EVP then you need to use a separate Microphone because the built in ones pick up sound from the motor. Digital recorders are the best to use now.
Trigger Objects Coins- This is a small object such as a coin that is placed on a piece of white paper, which in turn is placed on a table or where it will not be disturbed.  A pencil circle is drawn around the coin so that it's exact location is recorded.  The coin and paper are then left and then re-examined at the end of the investigation to see if the coin has moved.

Compass- A regular compass can be used to find spirits.  When a spirit is near, the compass arrow spins around or points to a false north.

Digital Camera- A digital camera is a must have item it doesn't use film and let's you see the pictures as you take them. But make sure you have a good supply of batteries  
Digital Thermometer,Barometer,Hydrometer-These devices are useful for picking up any changes in air humidity, temperatures and any changes in air humidity which spirits can change.
Dowsing Rods- These are used to find spirits will start to cross when one is near.

EMF Detector-An Electro Magnetic Field detector is used to find spirits.  But beware these devices also pick up on any other equipment radio tv's etc.

Gauss Meter / EMF Detector-An Electro Magnetic Field detector is used to find spirits.  But beware these devices also pick up on any other equipment radio tv's ect. I personally prefer this model.
Head Torch-To be used in places where you need to keep your hands free.
Infrared Thermal Scanner-These devices accurately pin point cold spots.  Excellent for use inside and outside.

Instant Camera- Is used for photos in emergencies especialy when all the batteries have drained.

Marbles Trigger object- Placed on a tray with flour or talcum powder to see if they have moved during an investigation
Talcum Powder- This is a useful substance for capturing footprints or handprints. Sprinkle it around on the ground around where the investigation is taking place.
Motion Detectors- These devices are good for sensing movement when there should be none.  One sensor can easily monitor an entire hallway or room.
Night Vision Scope- See what is there with out the use of a torch or lights.
Dowsing Pendulum- Used to ask questions to spirit or will swing if spirit is near.
Walkie Talkies- These devices allow you to communicate with your investigation team. If you are investigating a house and you have people scattered all over, walkie-talkies allow you to keep in touch.
Torches of various sizes - You always need a light source when you are investigating
Infrared Web cam- Used with your laptop can be setup to record when movement has been detected.

Video Camera- A video camera that has a special light called night vision can be used to video tape spirits orbs and other strange occurances.

Professional Studio Cassette Recorder and Radio Microphone- Picks up even the smallest sound or the faintest voice
Digital Voice Recorders- Ideal for EVP's and taping the mediums.
Ultra Violet Torch - Used by the Police for Smart Water detection and hidden stains, will show up the hidden numbers on Bank notes and will fluoresce any Ultra Violet reactive product such as a spirit presence. The beam itself is almost invisible until it reflects on the object you are trying to fluoresce
Red Torch - for preserving night vision, all much less glaring if you need to light an area when a medium is working or in trance.
Radio Receiver - tuned off station or a Franks Box to try to receive spirit voices. We use an amp with these.
DVD Camcorder - for instant recording onto DVD
Projector & Screen - to view movement and activity in another room or area and for giving a good view of activity and transfiguration in cabinet work.
Sound System (Mic, Amp & Graphic Equaliser) - for recording evp's, transcripts of investigations, and trance work.
Spirit Cabinet, Spirit Trumpet, Automatic writing planchette - for physical, trance mediumship and seance work.
Other Minor Items Tape Measures, Scissors, Laptop, Amplifier, Notebooks, Pens, Matches or Lighters, Candles, Windchimes (will move if spirit passes through), and watches.

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