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Established 2002
About Brenda, Mick and SPI

Brenda & Mick have conducted investigations together around Yorkshire, Derbyshire and other parts of the country since 2002 . Some of the venues visited have been Castles, Follies and Private Residences. Prior to this, Brenda investigated various spirit activities in London and the South of England for over 40 years and has many testimonials to confirm the quality of her work. Former member of Society for Psychical Research Kensington.

We welcome serious applications from people who would like to join us on our investigations or from anyone who has any paranormal activity or history of hauntings that they would like investigated.

We do not write reports about all our investigations as most of the time very little occurs but we do keep copies of all the footage. Any interesting photos are posted to the appropriate page on this website


We are at present recruiting new team members email to register your interest. See our 'Meet the Team' page for details

Please note that we cannot take members of the public on private residence investigations at any time to conform with privacy and data protection standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of equipment do you use?

We use EMF meters to measure electrical impulses.

Contact and non-contact thermometers to measure fluctuations in temperature.

Digital recorders to capture EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

Night vision camcorders

Night scopes

Ultra-violet, infra-red and normal torches.

Digital cameras

Dowsing rods and pendulums, etc

You can see some of the equipment we use here

Is it safe to use this equipment?

We coach everyone in the correct way to use all the equipment and always make sure that you feel comfortable with any experiments you are carrying out.

I do not feel comfortable with Ouija boards, will I have to use one?

We never force anyone to use anything they are not happy with. There are always highly experienced staff on hand to give you instruction, help with any problems and answer your questions.

Why are investigations carried out at night?

Not all investigations are carried out at night. The reason the majority are, is because there is less traffic, less noise and therefore fewer external influences. Also, because apparitions and mists are usually greyish white it makes them easier to see in a dark environment. Working in the dark also helps to attune all your senses, making you more aware of sounds, feelings and smells.

How long does an investigation last?

Investigation times vary according to time of year, venues, weather and how much activity is taking place. We will always state expected times and full details on our events lists, so you will always be clear as to the estimated length of each invetigation.

Do we have to provide our own transport, to and from investigations?

Normally yes, occasionally people will offer lifts to those living in the same area for a share of fuel costs.

Will I definitely see a Ghost?

We cannot guarantee that you will experience ghost or spirit energy, as we cannot ask them to perform to order. But, we do guarantee you will have an extremely enjoyable time, experimenting with all sorts of tools and will go away wanting more. Many of our investigations include a workshop or demonstration.

Will the spirits follow me home?

Our qualified staff will explain to you how to close yourself down and protect yourself properly so you should not have a problem. One thing that developing Mediums should realise is that once you start working with spirit the area in which you live and work will become 'more active', this is because your vibrations will be raised. If this worries or disturbs you, you are perfectly entitled to ask the 'spirits' to take a step back. Remember it is your body they are using and you are in charge

How can I "switch off"?

Switching off is just another term for closing down. Practice the closing down exercises that our staff recommend, drink some cold water and if necessary soak your feet in some tepid salt water (this will also help you relax).

How can I block certain energies or change them?

You can ask for anything you are not happy with to be taken away. You do not need to stick with energies and conditions you do not feel happy with. If they do not go away at first persevere until they do

Will evil spirits come through?

If you protect yourself thoroughly and close yourself down after every session of working with spirit, and last thing at night, there should not be a problem.

Will I get possessed?

Once again, you should be fine if you carry out the steps suggested in the previous answers. Do not play around with things you do not fully understand, especially early on in your development.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please feel free to email us and we will try our best to help.

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