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The Old Post Office
Haunted by old postmistress
  Old Post Office investigation report can be found below
Picture of badge found

Investigation team Bren, Steve, Rebecca, Colin. The foundations of the building date back to 17th Century. Main building dates back to 1880's. The couple found a 1st world war badge in the garden while planting. There have been various sightings over several years by a number of different people including the inhabitants of the house.

When the investigation team arrived we were surprised how big the property was compared to how it looked from outside.
We sat and had a coffee and chatted with the family asking where they considered to be the main areas of activity. We noticed there did seem to be quite a few cold drafts in various places around the house considering the property was double glazed with new draught proof windows and doors. Generally the house had a good homely feel about it. There was nothing menacing or oppressive.

Steve set up trigger objects, movement sensors and cameras with a screen in the dining room so that the family could watch if anything happened upstairs.

Brenda was left alone in the post office while the others were in another part of the house. She saw an elderly lady with her hair tied back in a bun. The hair was almost white and partially covered her forehead. She said she looked like a 'favourite granny' wearing a flowery dress with a cross over neck or a cross over pinny. The others came back into the room and the image faded.

Brenda and Steve sat at the top of the stairs quietly waiting to see if anything happened while the others watched the screen in the dining room. Brenda picked up on the names Edna and Ethel and on a boars head which was on a large platter she felt it could be an old pub or inn sign. She also picked up on a man with thick, mid auburn hair, longer on top than at the sides and back, he had a moustache, flat feet and one leg slightly shorter than the other. A definite draught was felt coming from the main bedroom although there were no windows open; it was noticed than one of the coins (set up as trigger objects in this area) had moved very slightly.

Everyone went back into the Post Office for a vigil. A camera was set up focused on the corner where Mrs B was seen earlier by Brenda,
Brenda said she could see a small brown dog which was confirmed by the family as one they had owned. Brenda picked up on something tall on the village green with people dancing around it. She said it looked like a tower. The family said that there had been a windmill there at one time. She picked up on the name Tom Hinchley.
Brenda went into trance and Mrs B came through. There also appeared to be something moving in the room and the EMF registered electrical impulses where previously there were none.

Brenda came out of trance. We chatted with the family for a while longer and then it was time to pack up the equipment and head for home. Nothing showed up on any of the photographs taken or the video footage.

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