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Established 2002
Previous Investigations & Events
  Details of previous investigations can be found below
We have been on hundreds of investigations over the years. Many of them do not get a mention on our Previous Investigations page on our website; the reason being that on most of them there has been no evidence of anything paranormal. Sometimes, although nothing has happened on an investigation, we do give a mention to the venue because we really believe there is some activity there even though we have not experienced it.

We have noticed that there seem to be a lot more people wanting their houses investigated since such programms as Most Haunted. Although we go and investigate them all there are very few that have actually got any real paranormal happenings and these seem to be broken into two catergories:
1)those where a member of the family is developing psychic ability (consciously or unconsciously) and are therefore bringing the 'spirits' through themselves.
2) definate unexplainable happenings which are worth further investigation.

Unfortunately a lot of the hauntings we go to investigate are due to an over active imagination (no offence meant to anyone) or fear of being haunted in which case we try to reassure the person/persons.

We will still continue to investigate ALL reports of hauntings whether proved or disproved. We are here to help

Below are just a small fraction of the places we have investigated

Abandoned house Coverdale Road Willesden - 18/03/1963. Brenda, Janice Strange noises, and lights. Voices heard in stables. My first ever real investigation, unless you include the bombed out building and Christies house when I was about eight and Mostyn Gdns when I was 13 (scary place). This was a large, detatched house with stables, apparantly abandoned. It really was a dream location for two psychic teenagers.

Poltergeist Activity, prefab Brondesbury park, London - June -December /1963. Brenda, Janice. Objects moving and flying across room, mumbling voices, toys starting up on their own, other noises. We tried all sorts of things to try and recreate the moving objects but could find no feasible explanation.

Railway Station, small village in Kent - Friday 9/06/1972. Brenda, Michael, Gerald. Arrived at the station at 1am (which seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere - there didn't seem to be any houses so why they would need a station is any ones guess). We were met by the Station Master, whose name was Jim, who told us about the spooky goings on along the line between his station and the next. After sorting the equipment we needed to take with us and locking the rest in the Station Masters box. We set off down the line towards the next station. We experienced the usual shadows and noises of the night but nothing unusual, apart from one spot where there seemed to be a real feeling of sadness (it wasn't exactly sadness but can't really desribe the feeling, maybe hurt describes it better) then fear, then total relief. We took photos (which yielded nothing), held a vigil, Gerald did some scientific tests but nothing unusual showed up. Again a few shadows but these could be attributed to imagination because of the feelings we were getting or just the fact it was early hours of the morning. I would like to add that both my companions were complete sceptics. We carried on to the next station where we met its Station Master, Brian, who told us that a man had thrown himself in front of a train at the spot where we had the feelings. The man was decapitated and they had to send out a team to search for his head which was found almost 4 miles away. We stayed at this station listening to the Station Masters' tales of life on the railway, we drank coffee and ate doughnuts. about 5.45am we made our way back up the track to the first station. Although we did not get much evidence of ghostly goings on it was an interesting night never the less.

Private House London - 13/04/1992 - Investigation team Bren, Dave, Trish. We were called to the house after reports of the lady of the house and her eldest child (a boy of 5) seeing a ghostly figure on a regular basis. When we arrived we checked out the whole of the house looking for areas where there might be signs of activity. The main areas seemed to be the childrens bedroom, the living room and garden with occasional sightings in the master bedroom. The boy, we will call him John, said that he had been poked and prodded by an old man. The younger child (also a boy) had been having disturbed sleep for several months and had been saying "Man, man". Although we spent several hours over a period of weeks sitting in vigil in the childrens bedroom and had a video camera running in the room for a month we did not find any evidence of activity in this area. A man was sited in the garden but we could not be 100% sure of this as it could have been a trick of the light. We did find a lot of fluctuations in temperature in the living room which could not be put down to normal causes as they were too erratic. On our second visit to the house we were rewarded when a toy car that had to be switched on to make it move starting moving on its own around the room, making a tooting sound. When it finally stopped after about 3 minutes we checked it and found that the switch that starts it was switched off, we tried various ways to recreate the incident but without any success. Conclusion: There did not seemed to be any signs of a definate haunting but there were certainly a couple of strange and unexplainable incidents.

Church Crypt London - 19/07/1994 - Investigation team Bren, Simon, Denise, Mike (sage). On entering the crypt all of the team felt a presence. Bren said she felt that children had been bought for a few shillings from a workhouse across the road (she pointed in the direction) and brought to the church to work. She said when they did not do as they were told they were put into a cell in the corner of the crypt and then the door was bolted from the outside. On moving some boxes this cell/room was found (with the outer bolt), there appeared to be scratches on the inside of the door; made by a child's finger nails? Bren said that children were sent from the workhouse to the Colonies. She picked up on an old school next door (which still exists). All members of the group felt a very strong link to Aleister Crowley and thought that there had been a black mass held in the crypt. Bren said she could see bodies laid out in rows along one side of the crypt but not in coffins, just covered, she thought it was 'wartime'. One side of the crypt appeared to be hazy and something seemed to be moving about although nothing was captured on the cameras or other equipment. The group sat in vigil for two hours. There were various noises like someone dragging something. Shadows, cold spots. A door creaked and there was definately no draught. The crypt was icy cold, but then again crypts usually are. Bren picked up on a priest who 'liked boys' and who later committed suicide because he could not live with the guilt. Upstairs a figure was seen by three of the team looking over the gallery. A skinny young boy was seen by Bren and Denise, he walked with a limp due to a twisted leg. He was given his keep for lighting the candles and tending to the altar.

The workhouse location was confirmed by a local historian and that children were shipped to the colonies and bought to work in the church. The priest story was also confirmed. It was also confirmed that the crypt was used to store bodies of bombing victims in the war.

There are in existance several photos that were taken by Simon, one of an orb is shown on our front page (courtesy of and copyright to Simon Weale © 1994. These photos were taken on film and had to be developed by the local chemist. PICTURE here

Tutbury Castle - 22/11/03- Whilst doing an investigation at Tutbury castle Brenda sat on the throne in the main hall to meditate for a while. Her eyes were closed when Mick took this photograph, On close inspection what looks like a wolf's eyes have appeared on Brenda's face. The photographs taken before and after this were perfectly normal. (see evp page)


Galleries of Justice - 10/01/04 - Ghost Hunt Night (see link)

Rockley furnace -15/07/04 - On one of several visits to Rockley we experienced various strange smells, sensed the presence of at least three different spirits and saw and photographed a mist that only appeared in one spot.(see pictures page)
The mental hospital - Two investigations were carried out on a South Yorkshire mental hospital in August this year(2004). REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Mystery Site - 11th September 2004 we conducted a psychic investigation on an old building. There was definate evidence of psychic activity although most of it is residue from people who had visited the site and were happy while there but had not died on the site. On the 'pictures' page are just two of the many interesting photos and video footage from the investigation, Many orbs and shadows were seen and several spirits came through the medium.
Stocksbridge Byepass - Early 2003. While doing an investigation up at Stocksbridge Byepass just off Pea Royd Road , We took pictures and set up an EVP experiment while out taking pictures we left the recorder on. When we returned to the car and listened to the recording we got just static. While on a vigil we noticed a mist outside the car but only at one side. The windows on the side of the mist produced condensation on the outside which we couldn't explain. On returning home and examining the recording putting through the computer and removing some static we found we had the voice of a girl singing in the remaining static.
Graveyard and Hanging Shed Manchester. - 17th October 2004 - Investigation team Mick Timmins Brenda Diskin & Steve Scutt joined Manchester Ghost Club for an investigation in their area.

Wardsend Cemetary. - 23rd October 2004 - Investigation team Mick Timmins Brenda Diskin

Private House Manchester. - 30th October 2004 - Investigation team Mick Timmins Brenda Diskin & Steve Scutt joined Manchester Ghost Club for an investigation in their area.
Wentworth Follies & 19th Century Coach House. - 13th November 2004 - Investigation team Mick Timmins Brenda Diskin & Richard Brammall. First part of the night was conducted touring the Wentworth Follies, all of the follies were quite interesting but one in particular was exceptional with lots of activity. Brenda and Richard saw various unexplained shadows and movement around the monument. We then ventured into Derbyshire to an old abandoned 19th Century Coach House, when we first entered the building we all heard banging sounds emanating from the upstairs rooms. While investigating the upper level to see what was banging the sound appeared to be coming from down stairs. While down stairs in the kitchen area we all registered significant temperature drops and all witnessed movement of shadows. Brenda picked up on various spirit entities in the same area, while the nightvision camera was set up in the other room Brenda saw a man standing in the doorway who she thought was me or Richard but we were both in the kitchen area at the time. We also captured unexplained orbs on nightvision camera. All in all we found it a very successful Sheffield Paranormal Investigation.


Private House Rotherham. Manchester Trip Cancelled due to weather - 20th November 2004 - Investigation team Mick & Brenda. We were invited to a private house in Rotherham because the home owner had reported problems and believed there to be paranormal activity in the house. As soon as we entered the property Brenda picked up a malevolent presence straight away. The interview with Mr X revealed that he believed he was possessed by Mathew Hopkins (Witch Finder General), and also that he and a group of people had been experimenting with a Ouiga Board which had allowed the malevolent spirit to enter the property. This had caused Mr X to act completely out of character and in fact had become violent towards his wife. While Mr X was in a trance like state Brenda conversed with the spirit who said he was Mathew Hopkins and managed to persuade said spirit to move out of Mr X's body. The house was then cleansed of all traces of the entity. Mr X says that he feels the spirit has now gone and hopes his life will be back to normal.
Sheffield Paranormal Investigations Ghostwalk(drive actually)-26th November 2004 - Investigation team Mick, Brenda, Richard and Gaz. This was just a quick tour around some of the haunted sites to show Gaz the area and places we plan to visit. The night started with a visit to Wentworth 15th century chapel which is well worth a visit day or night. Our next visit was to the old Hunting Lodge at Hoyland this is 18th century building, Gaz got a strange picture here we will post the picture when Gaz sends it us. Then it was off to one of my old favourite haunts excuse the pun Rockley Furnace which is a 15th century monument we have always found this place very active. Then off again I decided to check out the old tower in a little copse just off Stockbridge bypass, The information I have found on this item is that its mentioned on a old map 1700 but not mentioned as a water tower which it is now, looking at this place you can see that the water tank was added at a later date. Branda feels a lot of negativity regarding this building. Our next jaunt was to the old Coach house we found a few months ago in Derbyshire, but passing through Bradfield I couldn't resist showing Gaz and Richard the old Church and burial mounds. The Burial mounds, Bailey hills, are supposed to be burial mounds of ancient Chieftains including their Treasure. While travelling down the country lanes to the Coach house we all saw white ghostly figure float across the road. Because we all saw it I decided to turn around and retrace our steps if you can call it that driving, But driving back we came to the conclusion that it must have beeen the cars head lights reflecting back of something even though we couldn't find what. When we got to the Coach house Gaz was so amazed by the building that we spent the rest of the night there. Richard got prodded, he was wearing a very padded jacket and you could see what looked like the indent from someones fingers on his jacket. Brenda and I picked up on various Entities, we all experienced strange lights, Orbs and sudden temperature drops. Gaz suggested we do an investigation early January which will be an all night vigil. Update while at the Coach House we set up a recorder to see what would record (EVP) and got some very startling results. see EVP
Call for help - 4th December 2004 - Investigation team Mick, Brenda. We were contacted by a Gentleman who said he thought he had some pictures of entities on his camera. Last Sunday we went to interview him and he told us that he was thinking of buying a Public house in Rochdale. While viewing the property he took a lot of photos which is how he came to find some unexplained images on the camera. The man seemed to be very genuine and there was some very interesting footage on his camera even though the quality wasn't very good. We said that we would take a trip to Rochdale and check out the public house. 8th December 2004 - Today we took the trip to the public house, the pub is in quite a rough looking area. Once inside the pub we had the problem of trying to take pictures and look around without drawing attention to ourselves. We found the pub had quite a heavy atmosphere I managed to take a few photos, Brenda picked up that it had once been a very busy pub with a party atmosphere. She also picked up on a landlady with blonde hair tied back, slim, about 40 and a bit tarty, also picked up on an old man who used to sit in the corner of the front room and passed with heart attack and also had a wooden leg. We have told our client that if he takes over the public house we will do a full investigation.
Anston Stones and Roche Abbey - 10th December 2004 - Investigation team Mick Timmins, Brenda Diskin, Richard Brammall & Gaz Crompton. First part of the night was conducted touring the woods at Anston Stones, looking for the legendary Padfoot which is suppose to be a mythical black panther with out much success. The information we researched before setting out also told of a ghostly apparition seen near the rockface and a deadmans cave, neither of these things were found. The area is a great place to visit though, but we found nothing out of the ordinary. Around midnight we proceeded to Roche Abbey I must admit it is what you would expect a haunted site to look like dark gloomy and very misty. Because the Abbey is fenced off we could only walk around the outside. We did investigate the old ruins at the entrance which is not fenced off which turned out to be very productive for Richard and Brenda who both saw various apparitions in the old entrance building. We have not had chance to study the photos and film taken yet but I would not be surprised if we have not captured some good footage. The temperature kept falling in certain areas, Video would not focus on certain areas and we all heard unexplained noises. I believe this is a very active site.
Lowes Cottage - 17th December 2004 - Investigation team Mick Timmins & Brenda Diskin. We were invited to Lowes Cottage to discuss a possible future investigation. Thankyou to Tim Chilton and Susan for their hospitality and a great meal.
Boardwalk Snigg Hill Sheffield - 2nd January 2005 - Investigation Team Mick Brenda Gaz Richard Steve Mike and Dawn. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Old Coach house - 8th January 2005 - full investigation. Investigation team Mick, Mike, Brenda, Gaz, Richard and Steve. This was to be an all night investigation at the Coach house in Derbyshire. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Ball Inn Sheffield - 14th January 2005 - Investigation team Mick, Mike, Brenda, Gaz, Richard, Cheryl, Katy, David, Pen, Gaz(Ivan) and Joe. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Radio Hallam FM Talk Night with Nick at night talking about all things Paranormal. 19th January 2005. Thankyou to Nick, Steve, Gaz and Brenda.
Lowes Cottage Ashbourne Derbyshire - 28th January 2005 - full investigation. Investigation team Mick, Mike, Brenda, Gaz, Richard and Steve.REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Print Shop Shalesmoor (previously Acorn Inn) - 5th Febuary 2005 - full investigation. Investigation team Mick, Mike, Brenda, Gaz, Richard, Cheryl, Steve, Joe, Craig, John, Jannette, Bobby, Shane, Paul, Dave and Jackie. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE

Mosborough Hall Hotel - 13th Febuary 2005 - Investigation team Mick, Mike, Steve, Richard and Brenda. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Wymering Manor Portsmouth - 19th Febuary 2005 -Investigation team Mick, Mike, Steve, Dave, Gaz, Jannette, Young John and Brenda. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
The Feathers Inn Pocklington - 4th March 2005 - Investigation team Mick, Mike, Richard, Cheryl, Young John and Brenda. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Hallam FM - 11th March 2005 - Investigation team Mick, Mike, Young John, Janette, Gaz, Steve, Clhoe, Aaron, Dave and Brenda. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HEREFollowed on Sunday 13th with Radio interview.
The Manor House Petty France Gloucester - 12th March 2005 - Investigation team Mick, Mike, Richard, Cheryl, Tracy, Janette and Brenda REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Radclyffe Arms Middleton Junction Chadderton Greater Manchester - 14th March 2005 - Investigation team Mick Timmins, Brenda Diskin, Mike Diskin & Jannette Barker. We arrived at the Inn at 10pm. A quiet, very sophisticated public house which had a very homely and welcoming atmosphere. After some light refreshment while waiting for the last customers to leave I conducted my base line tests. Nothing was found out of the ordinary regarding temperature readings or Emf readings. We set up trigger objects in various parts of the Inn, as well as motion detectors and beam barriers, then settled down with our cameras and videos to see if we could capture any anomalies. Brenda picked up on spirits from the land and a old man who liked to sit near the fire. No other spirits or orbs were witnessed on film or camera. Nothing else was picked up by any other members of the group. We found this place very pleasant and welcoming but couldn't really say we found anything out of the ordinary regarding the Inn, except it is a great place to visit for a friendly drink with good company. Thank you to the landlord for allowing us to investigate his fantastic public house.
Cross keys Inn, Handsworth Sheffield - 22th March 2005 - full investigation. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Large Hotel between York and Scarborough - 30th March 2005 - (asked not to use Hotels name because of what was found on the investigation. )Full investigation. Investigation team Mick, Mike, Roy, Rod, John and Brenda, Yorkshire Radio REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE

PENDLE HILL family day out and Investigation - Sunday 10th April 2005 - a great day was had by all exploring the hill, the graveyard, the surrounding area and the little gift shop with all the witches. The weather kept fine for us, we had a great picnic, we drove the witch trail, climbed the hill and also did an investigation in the evening.

STORK INN BILLINGE - April 2nd 2005 - full investigation.REPORT CAN BE FOUND HEREInvestigation team Mick, Mike, Roy, Simon, Brenda, Angie, Steve, Dave, Gaz, Jane, Paul, Jill, Daniel, Katie and Kerry.
Common Leys Farm - April 9th 2005 - full investigation.REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Wentworth Castle - April 15th 2005 - full investigation.REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Private house Scunthorpe - April 22nd 2005 - full investigation. Client requested that report will not be published.
Private house Connisborough - April 29th 2005 - full investigation. Client requested that report will not be published.


Travellers Rest Swinton - May 7th 2005 - full investigation. Apart from a few orbs (or dust particles) and a few passing shadows there was no real activity. Brenda described how the pub and village used to be.
Private house Stocksbridge - May 13th 2005 - full investigation. Nothing out of the ordinary was experienced.
Investigation Ball Inn Sheffield - May 21st 2005 - full investigation. Second of four investigations.
Investigation Coach House - May 27th 2005 - full investigation.

Derby Gaol - June 3rd 2005 - full investigation. GHOST HUNT NIGHT

Three Nuns Mirfield - June 10th 2005 - full investigation. REPORT HERE

HOOBER STAND SPECIAL AFTERNOON AND EVENING OUT, Follies, Evening meal and Karaoke - June 12th 2005 - We booked a private veiwing for the group at Hoober Stand, great building, lots of history and what a view from the top. After leaving Hoober we visited the Needles Eye folly and a tower and finished the evening with an excellent meal at the Miners Arms. This was followed by Karaoke a lot of the group got up to sing and everyone joined in. What a fantastic night.

Wharram Percy - 18th June 2005 - full investigation. What a strange place, out on the york moors, abandoned village. We arrived just before night fall to this 1500's village to spend the night The area is quiet as a grave no sounds are heard in this place no birds singing, just the sound of the wind blowing through the old ruins . The village was ravaged by the great plague which killed most of the villagers the rest were evicted to make way for sheep farming. Through out the night strange sounds were heard, mediums picked up on upsetting sequences that occured many years before. All in all a very forboding place not recomended for the faint hearted to spend the night there.

Abandoned Hospital - 24th June 2005 - full investigation. This was a old mental hospital in west yorks. A lot of activity was witnessed by all the group at this location. Doors opening on thier own foot steps heard when no one was around. Batteries dead, equipment not working. This had to be one of the most active places we had visited in a long time. Shadows moved across doorways spells written on walls evidence of black candles being used by someone, no wonder this place was so active.

Castle Howard - 23rd July 2005 - full investigation. .REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE

Derby Gaol - September 2005 - 2nd full investigation. GHOST HUNT NIGHT
Private House Sheffield. - 2 3rd September 2005 - Full investigation. REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE

Tontine Hotel Iron Bridge Shropshire - 1st October 2005 - full investigation.

We took a team of 12 to investigate reports of hauntings at this Shropshire hotel. We were a little disappointed to find that, although previously agreed, we would not be allowed to do a vigil in the cellar or the staffroom annex. We did however have access to rooms 5 and 9 and the function room. We did not find there to be much activity in the function room. In room 5 Brenda (who was working with group1) went into trance and channelled a man who had committed a murder, but believe this to be much earlier than Frank Griffin who is said to haunt this room. The 2nd group picked up on various spirits and had quite a lot of movement in room 9. There was an extremely 'heavy' feeling in room 5 and several of the group felt light headed and sick, but other than this there was no real evidence to back up the hauntings. Conclusion is that there are spirits in the hotel but these are recordings in time which did show up on camera or camcorder. But we will carry on searching in the hope of finding the 'ultimate proof'.


Galleries of Justice Ghost hunt night - 7th October 2005 - full investigation. Because we were running the ghost hunt night for around 30 people we were not able to do a proper investigation. The people who were prescent on the ghost hunt all got evidence of paranormal activity including one of our true sceptics. If any one intrested in this venue please email us. Pictures By Mick Doherty

Private House, High Green, Sheffield   - 14/10/05 - full investigation.

Arrived 10pm. 3 bedroom 1950's privately owned house on main road. Team Bren, Mick, Gaz, Dave, Roy . Mick set up various trigger objects and beam barriers. He took baseline readings in all rooms. We set up video cameras and a 35mm camera on tripods. We took random photos with polaroid and digital cameras.

Mick had set up paper on cotton across stair well and this started moving slightly, but although we couldn't feel a breeze we could not dismiss the possibility. The lights flickered a little in the living room and the hallway a few times. The living room was on a dimmer switch. The hallway was on a normal on/off switch. The wiring didn't look to be in bad condition although some of it looked quite old. We did find that sound carried in the house. This was proved by Brenda having a conversation with Mick who she thought to be in the bedroom, but he was in fact talking to Roy in the room downstairs.

We carried out various vigils throughout the night both separately and as a group. Brenda and Dave both picked up on an old man that had lived in the house, he had a stroke and bad legs. Brenda also picked up on a little boy. We believe this to be 'residue' of people that had lived in the house. There was no real psychic activity during the night, although the light pull in the bathroom did start to swing at one point although no one had touched it. Not sure if it was a draught or not. As per usual there was a high EMF reading over the bed although there was no electric blanket or no apparent cause. We believe that the young lady who lives in the house could be a catalyst for the activity. We spoke to her and have decided that Mick and Brenda will revisit the house with her and see if anything happens when she is present.

Mick and Brenda returned to the house on 20/10/05 with the young lady and her boyfriend. From what we could see the young lady is opening herself up to the residual energies in the house which means that she is experiencing the presence of a man on the stairs. Because she is not an experienced medium she is unable to control the feelings that she is experiencing causing energy surges which could well be making objects move and lights flicker. Brenda coached her in the art of closing herself down and will be doing a follow up session to see if this is working.

The Room Barnsley - 15th October 2005 - full investigation. Arrived at 10pm the building is believed to be around 1800's and was thought at one time to be a brothel. Investigation of the upstairs room revealed the spirits of at least 2 entities one which possibly died due to a works accident resulting in rib injuries. The other entity as been witnessed by variuos people including our team as a mischievious spirit who likes to push people. The cellar was very active and our medium tried to manifest a spirit which she felt was near. Thank you to the people who allowed us to investigate this very intresting establishment

Royal Oak Chesterfield home of the Crooked Spire a quaint 12th century public house - 22nd October 2005 .................. Full investigation - Report Here

. Old Inn near Castleton - Halloween 2005owners did not want report published.
Private House, Chesterfield - Jan 20th 2006 - Team Mick, Bren, Mikey, Gaz, Roy, Rod 100 plus years old terraced cottage. Man, wife and adult son live there and 6 year old grandchild stays from time to time. We arrived at 10pm. Mick did all the usual preliminary baseline tests. There was no real fluctuation in the reported 'haunted' area of the house. There was a slight EMF reading in the bathroom doorway and the mediums felt a slight 'electrical charge' in this area but nothing majorly unusual. Mick set up trigger objects which were checked at the end of the night and had not moved. 4 vigils were carried out but no real activity occurred. The house was quite cluttered and it was difficult to distinguish anything extraordinary from shadows and shapes made by day to day objects and items of clothing. A small boy came through Brenda in trance but, apart from names, not a lot of information was gained. Mikey had a red mark appear on his face under his left eye, which apparently tied in with something that the family in the house had experienced but he could not say how this had happened and it could just have been a coincidence with a logical explanation. There is also a cat in the house which seems to be quite happy and content and does not seem bothered about going into the 'haunted' area. Conclusion: If there is anything in the house it is probably something that the family, or a member of the family, are picking up on (or creating) and relaying to each other and the house. Brenda gave them some hints on how to deal with it and told them to call her if they needed more help. Thanks to the family for allowing us to do the investigation, and all members of the team for their professionalism.
Fat Cat previously the Alma 150 year old public house - 27th January 2006.................. Full investigation - Report Here
Five Arches Sheffield public house - 8th Febuary 2006.................. Full investigation - Report Here
Private House Shiregreen - 15th Febuary 2006 .......... We were asked to investigate problems a family in Shiregreen were having. After investigating the property and talking to the family, we decided the family themself were tuning into the property and past entities.
Old Firth Park Library Sheffield - 11th Febuary 2006.
Horse and Jockey Public House Hillsborough - 19th Febuary 2006.......... Thankyou to Ross and Jackie for allowing us to investigate their establishment. The Public House is reportedly haunted by a family of ghosts who haunt the cottage side of the property. We did pick up on some of the previous occupants through the medium, but we did not actually register any paranormal activity.


Queens Hotel Public house Scunthorpe - 24th Febuary 2006 ............ Thankyou to the landlord who went to bed and left us to investigate his property even though he didn't think their was any paranormal activity. We had a team of eight people and conducted a full investigaton but even though the staff had reported sightings including a black dog, we found nothing.


Petty France, Gloucester The Manor House - 4th March 2006.......... What a very entertaining evening thankyou to Lynda, Gerry and Sally and all her Hen party friends.


Golden Fleece, Yorks most haunted public house - March 10th 2006 ......... A great strange public house .................Ghost Hunt Night


Old Batchelors Factory Wadsley Bridge Sheffield - March 18th 2006 ......... The factory is still watched over by the old supervisor. Both Mediums picked up on the same names of two resident spirits .


Manor Castle Sheffield - March 24th 2006......... Big thankyou to Kat for getting us this venue... Pity we didn't see Mary Queen of Scots but the evening was very intresting.

Manor Castle Pub - April 25th 2006 - Members of another group were invited to join our team on this investigation REPORT & PICTURES

Falstaffs Experience - 29th April 2006

What an amazing place this is. We were made very welcome by Mark and Steve. There was an excellent room set aside for us to use as a base and a most welcoming log fire in a cauldron in the witches courtyard. Probably one of the most 'atmospheric' buildings we have been too.

Mick and Brenda's team held their first vigil in the upstairs area near the plague cottage where they experienced a strong smell of urine which kept coming and going. Brenda and Young Jon checked out the area (displays and clothing on the dummys etc.) for possible sources of the smell but found nothing to explain why this was happening. Brenda picked up on a woman named Eliza who was "nearly in my 70th year" and had been thrown out on the streets because she could not pay her way, it was believed that she had been a prostitute in her younger days. The name of William was also picked up on and Matthew Hopkins made his presence known.

Mikey and Roy's team were at the tavern end of the upstairs area, where they experienced a lot of strange smells, shadows and lights. A lot of the team felt very nauseous. They picked up on two William's and a middle aged woman called Jane with a bad injury to her face. It was later confirmed (after some research was carried out a few days later) that the woman was a witch who had been stabbed in the face in the alley next to the building. The team swapped places and much of the same phenomena was experienced PICTURES

Sandal Castle, Sutton Scarsdale - 6th May 2006 Mick, Bren, Flashing Mike, Kat, John, Kirsty


Sheffield Fire Station Museum - June 3rd 2006 A great venue very active in certain areas. We won't print a full report at this stage as we are taking other groups and it would not be fair to influence them


Spooktacula Shop charity function for RSPCA - June 10th 2006 About 8 of us did a mini investigation for the RSPCA charity in June 2006. We sat in vigil in the cellar and picked up on a man of about 50ish who we believed to be called Dan from about 1600's. There was a lot of movement in the cellar on this night witnessed by most of the people attending. We also had a strange photo taken in the shop (not an orb). OUR RESIDENT GHOST


Hell Fire Caves GHOST HUNT NIGHT - June 10th 2006 - Members of another group were invited to join our guests on the Ghost Hunt Night

Brenda has visited this site several times since over a period of several years but this was the first time with a large group. What a great venue. Excellent buffet and tour of the caves. We split into 2 groups and several people experienced the feelings of being watched or followed at various times and in several different parts of the caves. We had various shadows, lights etc. A young woman who died as a result of an incident in the caves was felt or seen by several people. Various other spirits were picked up on or channelled by the medium. Several people felt like they were being pushed backwards. Some felt nauseous and dizzy. In the early hours of Sunday morning we had the ultimate climax to the evening when we were 'visited' by something very unexpected where every one witnessed Brenda get possessed by a unknown demonic entity. Truely a very frightning night.. A  very entertaining evening. Lots of action.

Sheffield Fire station Museum - June 3rd, July15 and August 19th 2006

This has to be one of Sheffields most active buildings, To be locked in a haunted cell at midnight is something to experience. The upper floors have 3 spirits present one called Tom Courts who died of heartattack at the age of 57, retired early due to illness. We also picked up on the presence of a lady who hung herself in one of the upstairs dormatories. In the cells there is the presence of two spirits who were whitnessed by varoius members of our group. If anyone is intrested in a return visit please contact us.


Bolling hall GHOST HUNT NIGHT - August 12th 2006 - Members of another group were invited to join our guests on the Ghost Hunt Night

One of Bradfords oldest houses. The amount of activity in this very strangely built building is indescribeable I can see why none of the previous security guards would stop long when working here. Many strange noises, doors opening on their own, childrens laughter, many undescribeable shadows, smells. Anyone taking a visit with any ghost group will not be disapointed with this venue.


Guildhall Leicester GHOST HUNT NIGHT - Members of another group were invited to join our guests on the Ghost Hunt Night

Wonderful, old and very interesting building with a lot of history. Lee, our guide, was very informative and told us a lot of what had happened in the building previously.

Abandoned Hospital and Church Lincolnshire - Mar 31st 2007 PICTURES HERE

Private House Beighton - May 14th 2007

We were called in to investigate some strange findings and feelings in the house. There have been several people living in the house since it was built in the 1960's. The house was previously owned by a very religious black family who used psalms and pages from the bible to protect their home. These were put under the wallpaper. I have since found out that certain religions use this method not only to protect the home but also to guard against drug abuse and the use of pornography in their homes.
There appeared to be initials in blood under the carpet but these turned out to be a few small varnish drips that someone had used their finger to write in. The house itself did have a slightly negative feeling in certain areas, not surprising considering it is built on an area steeped in history next to a building that has been there in one shape or form since the 1200's, there has been at least one major disaster and possibly a battle fought near there.
The village itself seems to be situated on six ley lines which explains the 'whoosh' of energy experienced by the couple, which seemed to come up from the floor.
The couple and at least one of their children appear to be very psychic so therefore could be causing a portal to open to let certain energies in.
The added problem is that the family have been made more nervous by people telling them that there have been sacrifices made in their home and that the house is possessed by demons. I would like to stress at this point that the couple are quite level headed and dismissed this but you can see how if something like this is said it can stick in your mind and every little incident that occurs from then on will be accompanied by an "I wonder?"
There is, obviously, some degree of spirit presence in the home as would be expected from an area steeped in history. I am inclined to think that the lady of the house is quite a strong channel for spiritual energy but being scared stiff of seeing anything and being made even more nervous by would be D**** A*****'s / Witches has made the situation escalate.
We will be helping the couple through this with advice and any practical help that is needed.

© Copyright Brenda Diskin @ Spooktacula 2007


Private House Deepcar - 4th July 2007 - Investigation team Brenda, Kirk, Rachel. We were called to this house with reports of voices recorded on mobile phones, strange noises in the kitchen and things moving. We found the family, especially the mother, to be very highly strung.The voices on the phone seemed to be the television playing in the other room. Noises in the kitchen were due to electrical equipment switching on. The objects moving were dismissed by the daughter as her mothers imagination fueled by watching too many ghost hunting programmes on TV. The team were inclined to agree with her. But... we did tell the woman if she had any more problems we would take another look.


The Ball Inn Grimesthorpe Halloween Investigation for the Star Newspapers website - 28th October 2007 - Investigation team, Brenda, Elise, Bridget, Jill, Daniel and Richard from the Star who was recording the proceedings. The Star photographer turned up to take photo's. The evening was a bit influenced by the fact the pub was still open and noises heard could have been coming from the bar but never the less the team picked up on a little girl and a man with a leather apron who worked in the cellar. The footage was published on the Stars website


Private House Canklow - 5th January 2008 - We were asked to investigate because various items had been moving, mechanical toys had been switching on by themselves, the eldest child who is two years old had been talking to an invisible person. When we arrived at the house we did all the usual baseline tests. There were very high EMF readings all over the lower floor of the house which did not fluctuate, we checked for wiring, pipes, etc and established where they were situated. We managed to determine that the house was situated where Ley lines crossed over. The child we discovered had been conversing with the dead child of a friend of the family. There is quite an interesting history surrounding the area. 1856 an old flour mill burnt down by arson. 1891 there was a mining accident in which six men died. There was a Bronze Age settlement in nearby woodland and either cairns or barrows. Interesting investigation.
Investigation of Public House Stannington - Tuesday 22nd January 2008 REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE


Windsor public house Wybourn Sheffield - Thursday 7th February 2008 REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE


Haunted Caves - Saturday 5th April 2008. We were told about some haunted caves in Derbyshire. So the story goes - a group of three pot holers were visiting a largish network of pipes when one of them thought he saw a figure in his headlamp beam. When he looked again there was no one there putting it down to imagination he carried on moving through the pipes. On the way back when they got to the same place (where the pipes opened out into a medium sized cave) all three of them saw the same figure. Realising it was not actually a person they became quite alarmed and decided to leave as quickly as possible. Well we had to take a look - didn't we? Off we went with some head torches, Ropes etc. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary but haunted or not these caves were certainly interesting PICTURES
Old Theatre - Friday 25th April. 2008. Team: Bren, Mick, Stevie, James. We arrived shortly after 11pm. When we entered it was obvious the place had been badly vandalised at some stage. We managed to find our way around the lower floor easily enough although there was a lot of debris. There were a lot of noises which we put down to rubble moving caused by vibration of us moving about (or possibly rats). It was quite sad to see what once was a quite a grand building in such a state of disrepair. We did all the usual base line tests. We had been told that a ghostly figure had been seen in this building by a couple of people. We sat quietly in vigil for about two hours. The mediums picked up the usual presence of people who would have visited the building etc., but apart from the odd sound there didn't seem to be much going on. We did get a weird mist on one photo it definately wasn't 'graveyard breath' and we could not reproduce it. There were no drastic temperature changes and the EMF's weren't registering anything unusual. So although we think there was probably a rational explanation for it we couldn't seem to find one. Unfortunately no ghostly figure. We left about 2.30pm.

Private House - Wednesday 30th April. 2008.


Old Mill - Friday 2nd May 2008 PICTURES

Old Post Office Derbyshire - 16th May 2008- REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE

PICTURE badge found

Mystery Venue - 23rd May 2008- Investigation team Bren, Mick - Fantastic venue. We were asked to join Rotherham Ghosts on this investigation. Great night with plenty of action, Thanks guys, well worth the journey.
RAF Bempton Gun Battery and Bunker - 24th May 2008- Investigation team Bren, Mick REPORT & PICTURES


Investigation Elise's House Derbyshire - 30th May 2008- REPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE


Abandoned Church, Caves party - 1st June 2008- Investigation team Bren, Mick PICTURES

RAF Holmpton - 6th June 2008- We joined Rotherham Ghosts on this investigation


Norman Church and Old Chapel - 17th June 2008- Investigation team Bren, Mick PICTURES
Tin Town Investigation - 24th June 2008- Investigation team Bren, Mick REPORT & PICTURES


Black Dicks Temple - 5th July 2008- Investigation team Bren, Mick, Elise, Phil. REPORT & PICTURES
Old Batchelors Factory - 12th July 2008- We were joined on this investigation by Rotherham Paranormal. Investigation team Bren, Mick, Jill, Elise, Phil, Joe, Mike. We arrived 10pm, Mike and Joe (Rotherham Paranormal) took the middle floor and set up a camera. Bren, Elise, Jill and Phil took the basement canteen area where they sat in vigil. They asked any spirits to come forward, Bren went into trance and while she was under the others could hear her chair moving across the floor. They switched on the torch and could see that Bren's feet and the two front legs of the chair were off the floor and the chair was teetering on the back two legs, the chair was not resting against anything. The chair had turned 90 degrees to the right. This was witnessed by three people but unfortunately we did not capture it on camera. Bren had come out of trance when she felt the chair move. Mike and Joe had felt a man walking backwards and forwards from the door along the passage on the middle floor, Joe said he was a security guard. This person has been seen or felt by various members of staff on several occasions. We believe him to be called Harold and was a night watchman.
Sites Visited On Our Holiday - 19th - 28th July 2008- REPORTS & PICTURES
Private House Kimberworth - Wednesday August 13th 2008. Investigation team Brenda and June joined by Amanda and Paul who live in the property. Called to the house because the residents were aware of activity in the cellar and bedroom of the house. They had also had a run of bad luck over the past few months. The house is over 150 years old and is built on the site of an old cemetery. Brenda checked out the cellar area for any signs of activity. There were no hot or cold spots, there was a strange reading in the far corner of the cellar about six inches away from the walls and about 2 - 3 feet in diameter which started about 12 inches off the floor and went up to about Brenda's waist level. There were no readings anywhere else in the cellar (apart from those due to electrics and plumbing).
In the master bedroom there were no unusual readings or temperature fluctuations. Brenda picked up on an old lady who used to live in the house. She noticed that the couple had a vast collection of second-hand furniture and bric a brac that she felt may be giving off vibrations that the couple could be tuning into and if they are not closing themselves down this could be why they are having so many problems. Brenda advised them on closing down and how to sense good or bad vibrations on an object.
She told them if they had further problems to get in touch.
Assistance with Murder Enquiry - Thursday August 14th 2008. Brenda was called in to give a medium's account of what happened at a murder scene. Details cannot be discussed as this is an ongoing enquiry. Update: suspect(s) were arrested in October and later released on a technicality..
Return to house in Parsons Cross - Friday August 15th 2008. Investigation team Steve, Brenda and Bridget. SPI were asked to return to a house in Parsons Cross because the residents said that the spirits that were detected and cleared from their house on 30th April. On arrival at the house we found the couple very excitable and agitated. They told us that they have had various people in the see what they could pick up. One woman told them that they had a 'perverted male ghost' who had run his hands over her body and who had tried to push her out of the house. This made the wife very frightened. They were also told that there were three children who had been sent to take the 'ghost couple' in the house 'back home'. Apparently these children have also taken up residence in the house as they like it their and don't want to leave.

We did a full investigation of the property and found no evidence of any spirits in the house whatsoever (the local vicar also said the same when they called him in prior to our visit tonight).

We conclude that all the recent occurrences are due to an over imagination fuelled by inexperienced people claiming to be mediums who have made the couple very nervous (the wife being extremely frightened). All I can say is thank goodness for the new legislations and I would like to encourage people to ask to see the Medium's certificate of insurance before allowing them to enter their property.


Investigation of early Victorian back to back house in Sheffield - Saturday August 16th 2008. Investigation team Steve, Brenda and Cray (one of the resident's of the house. We were called to the house because a few of the residents were extremely disturbed by unseen footsteps and knockings on doors by unseen hands. One of the girls had even seen the reflection of a young man behind her in the bathroom, but when she turned around there was no one there. We arrived at the house just before 10pm. We thought we had gone to the wrong place because the area looked quite derelict. There were only two people present in the house when we arrived. The young woman, Becky, (who left for work about 10.30pm) told us that on several occasions she had experienced violent knockings on her room door when there was no one there. This seemed to have no pattern to it, just random. It was also this young lady that had seen the reflection of the young man.
Cray (the other person present) told us that whilst in the bath one night he heard footsteps coming, hesitantly, up the stairs. Because there was no one else in the house at the time he thought some one had broken in so he jumped out of the bath and ran down the stairs to see who was there but did not find anything.

The house comprised of four small early Victorian back to back houses knocked into one, with what was one a gennel running through the centre. This gennel would have originally run from one street (at the front of the house) to another at the back of the house.

There was a main staircase leading from the gennel which is now the hallway to the upper floors (three stories). There was a cellar which was blocked off. Two spiral staircases at the other side of the house which were enclosed in cupboards and unused.

We concentrated the investigations to the halls and stairs areas as these seemed to be the areas of most activity. There seemed to be a lot of activity in the hall/gennel area and all three of us saw a definite shadow of a figure in this area. A ghostly cat was seen on the stairs. Bren and Steve both picked up on a student who had accidentally overdosed on sleeping tablets. They both thought that he had probably resided in Becky's room, but did not actually die there. The noises on the stairs and the banging on Becky's door seemed to be people trying to rouse him. They also thought that the door had been broken down.

Although quite active the house had a good feeling about it.

An interesting evening.

Investigation of flat at Kiveton Park - Friday August 29th 2008. Investigation team Bren and Jill, joined by Vicky, Paul and Mark.

The couple seemed to be very genuine and were quite distressed. The lady of the house said that she had felt a presence in the house which also seemed to be noticed by their cat and dog and a neighbours children. The man of the house has been experiencing troubled sleep (and sleepwalking) since knocking down a wall in the kitchen. A mirror has fallen from the living room wall for no apparent reason and a picture did the same thing in the hallway, both times the item fell straight down instead of forward. The man of the house told us that he has picked up on spirit in the past (whilst on holiday and visiting an old railway crash site) and has been very accurate with things he said. Brenda advised him on trying to close himself down as he is in a very susceptible state (being psychic and not sleeping properly).
Apparently whilst sleep walking he seems to be either very happy and playful or quite aggressive and swears (according to the lady of the house he is normally a very placid person). Some writing appeared on the bathroom door which both parties blamed the other for. This writing does not come off even with the strongest chemical cleaners being applied to it. The lady of the house said that she knew some of the history of the flat and previous tenant but Brenda requested that she did not elaborate at this stage, she was also asked not to state what had been said while her partner was sleep walking. The area of activity seemed to be concentrated around the hall, kitchen and living room area.

Brenda asked to use the bathroom before they started the investigation. When she returned she was asked if she felt any thing in the bathroom. She replied that a woman had died in there from an aneurism/heart failure and had been found slumped over the bath. Brenda said she liked 'busy' wallpaper. This was confirmed.

Brenda and Jill carried out Base line tests and established an area without any readings that they could use as the 'quiet zone' to see if anything registered on the equipment.
They dimmed the lights and sat quietly. A woman came through who asked for Charlie, she was followed by a man who said "Yon f***ing b*****d, why did you leave me. He kept repeating this. When Brenda came out of trance she was told what had happened and was also told that this was what the man of the house said when he was sleep walking.

Brenda went back into trance and a man came through saying he was Joe Johnson, he did not stay long and was replaced by the man who came through before. He was asked what happened to him and he replied, "The roof fell in" Jill asked if anyone else was trapped and he said "All out". He kept swearing and screaming to his brother (who he said was named Arthur) not to leave him. He was asked his name which he mumbled and was a bit incoherent. He was asked the year, "18" pause "73". He was asked the name of the colliery "Keevton" (we presume this was Kiveton as he had a bit of an accent). Jill asked if he lived on the site, "No", "Work" He was asked his age, "53". Jill asked his name, he replied quietly "John". He was asked his name again, he got quite frustrated and a little angry," John" pause "son".

Brenda came out of trance and they discussed what had occurred. Apparently there were coal shafts running below ground, beneath the buildings. Brenda told the couple that they were both quite 'sensitive' but in different ways. The lady was feeling the woman that had died in the house who was showing concern at the changes they were making to the décor. Whereas the man was channelling the male presence from the land during his sleepwalking state. Brenda believes that this male presence only wanted to let people know what happened to him and that things will hopefully calm down now that this has happened. Brenda asked the man of the house to persist with closing himself down at least until his health improves.

From records of coal mining deaths for the year 1873 at Kiveton Park Colliery we found this recorded incident.

Age: 53
Date: 24/12/1873
Year: 1873
Occupation: Collier
Colliery: Kiveton Park
Owner: Kiveton Park Coal Co
Town: Sheffield
County: Yorkshire
Notes: Fall of coal.


Investigation of flat on site of a 16th Century Estate in Sheffield - Friday September 5th 2008. Investigation team Brenda, Jill, Ken

This investigation was part of an ongoing investigation of events that occured in the 17th Century. We are still making enquiries and the results of these enquiries and investigations will be included in a book.

RSPCA Haunted Camping Packman Lane - Saturday September 13th 2008. What a great night full of fun and good company. Thank you to all who attended to help raise funds for the RSPCA. Special thanks to Yorkshire Decorative Plasterers for donating raffle prize. Robin for his excellent guitar playing. Ann for the use of the field. Thank you to the mysterious Highwayman who nearly gave a couple of drivers a heart attack, Lol!!. Unfortunately the ghosts didn't make an appearance although a few people captured some misty shapes, etc on camera. The evening was made extra enjoyable by good weather, a nice camp fire and an accommodating midnight mist. PICTURES HERE
200 year old Cottage - Saturday October 4th 2008. Investigation team Elise, Phil, Brenda, Claire, Steve, Stuart and two others. Reports of a spirit wandering the grounds and disturbing the dogs. Although a tall thin man with 'harsh' eyes walknig across the plot towards the garage, was picked up on by a couple of people present he did not communicate in any way. During the seance a woman, and a little boy who had drowned, came through Brenda and spoke briefly. Apart from a few shadows and random noises nothing else was experienced.
High Rake Lead Mine - Saturday October 11th 2008. Investigation team Mick and Brenda. We arrived while still light to take photographs. Full investigation carried out later in evening. Very interesting place well worth a return visit.
Whitby Goth Weekend and Investigation of Saxon Chapel - Friday 31st October - Sunday 2nd November 2008. PICTURES HERE
The Ball Inn - Wednesday November 12th 2008. Investigation team Steve, John, Bridgette and Brenda. Full investigation carried out in function room, cellar and back bar. Base line tests taken and trigger objects set up in various areas of pub. Usual 'orbs' caught on camera. Barrel moved on video footage and was banged when no one was near it. Strange fluctuations in EMF readings in back bar whereby a 'spirit' seemed to be communicating by using these fluctuations. Other than that no real action.
Spiritualist Church, Cheshire - Saturday January 31st 2009. Investigation team Steve, Brenda, members of church. A very interesting evening with lots of interest shown. Mists seen in Mediums' room. Fleeting glimpse of a figure of a grey/white haired lady sitting in chair in mediums room. presence felt by several people in the church. Whistling heard by all. Smell of flowers experienced by several people. Brenda picked up on lady stacking books where there is now a rostrum. and her chair being moved. During trance session a lady called Beatrice came through who was instantly recognised by the church president. She was followed by a lady who asked for Maureen and said she ws her mother, she had died with a breathing condition and who was recognised by another member of the church. There was also a lady who kept repeating 'January 14th' and who said her name was Eileen. While Brenda was in trance several people witnessed a candle moving in a sealed room with no draughts (no windows), this was viewed on a screen in the church which had been set up by Steve earlier in the evening. Quite an active evening on the whole.
Interior Designers, Outibridge - Sunday February 15th 2009. Investigation team Steve, Brenda, John, Elise joined by the business owner and the accountant. Very active with strange squeaking and tapping noises. The movement sensors Steve set up went off at one point. An alarm clock set for 4 minutes past 10 buzzed madly at 11.45 without being set. A disconnected secondary burglar alarm in the upstairs of the building beeped and flashed a green light even though the wires had been cut. Various spirits came through Brenda and she was seen to tranfigure on several occasions with faces ranging from that of a small child, women and men. Names were given, some of which were identified and one of the women that came through in voice and transfiguration was identified by the business owner. Altogether a very productive night. Will update, once the video footage and photo's are checked, if there are anymore findings. May merit a second visit.
Preliminary Investigation Private House Sheffield - Wednesday February 18th 2009. Investigation team Brenda, Jill. Reports of items moving, electrical items turning on by themselves and ghostly figures. After carrying out the usual base line tests and setting up trigger objects. The team carried out a vigil in the master bedroom. Brenda picked up on a man and gave a description. Also a woman named Ada and a little girl belonging to the lady of the house. Some communication was carried out by using the EMF meter pulses. After the vigil it was decided that the female, teenage occupant of the house was responsible for the majority of the activity and that possibly both occupants of the house were opening up to allow spirit contact. Brenda advised them how to close down and offered ongoing support if needed. Awaiting confirmation of description of prior occupants.
Old Railway Tunnels Sheffield area - Sunday March 1st 2009. Investigation team Brenda, Mick. PICTURES
Old Workhouse /Mill South of Scotland - Thursday March 12th 2009. Investigation team Marj, Rob, Steve, accompanied by Brenda, Bridgette. A very interesting building with lots of character and history. Thanks to Marj and Rob for inviting us. PICTURES
Sheffield Fire Station - Friday March 13th 2009. Investigation team Brenda, Mikey, Baz, Debbie, Bridgette, Young Jon, Marj and Rob, Rotherham Ghosts Richard, Mike and Joe accompanied by managers Andrea and Paul (13 of us strangely enough - 2 got lost). Well Friday 13th it certainly was with Steve being out of action in hospital leaving us with a very basic amount of equipment luckily Rotherham Ghosts had brought theirs (thanks guys - you are real stars). A huge building with too many interesting and active spots to cover in one night. The mediums present picked up on a lot of interesting stuff, past employees etc., a lot of which was verified by the managers. Great evening with plenty of sandwiches and snacks. We are hoping to publish a fuller report when all the footage has been gone through. PICTURES

Sheffield Parkway Club Gala Bingo - Wednesday April 22nd 2009. Investigation team Brenda, Mikey, Steve, Bridgette, Various members of the public and staff of Gala Bingo. Charity event for Sue Ryder Charity. What an amazing evening this was with the venue being a lot more active then you would first imagine. All the team members (independently) picked up on a man who had his right hand cut off in some machinary. Brenda said at one point she felt like she was walking through a tunnel and wading through water. Various members of the public saw shapes moving about in various parts of the building and we had a mysterious stranger who we all thought was Mikey in his SPI hoody but Mikey was at the back of the crowd at the time. Unfortunately, although it was a really great event, none of us hit the jackpot.!!!!!!

Private Flat in well known area of Sheffield - Thursday April 30th 2009 ONGOING. Investigation teams Brenda, John, Steve. Brenda, Steve, Mikey, joined by Denise. Brenda and Steve .Brenda, Julie, Carrie, Joyce. So far we have had the sensor alarms going of on four seperate occasions (contact had to be broken for this to occur, happenand once when the main 'haunter' was asked to show hinself), knocking from under the bed, heavy footsteps and light coming on in corridor when no one was there, security chain taken off of door, whispering, moanining, whistling and short bursts of a child crying, tiny flasihing blue lights, sound of metal objects being scaped together (bit like when supermarket trolleys scrape together), glass marble triggers objects reacting as if they were magnetic, equipment batteries drained, mobile phones drained, video cameras turning themselves off when there was still tape left, digital recorders turning off, dictaphones rewinding, presences felt, feelings of nausea and stomach pains, oppression, various spirits speaking through the medium giving names and dates, other noises, lights and occurrences that could be attributed to natural causes. Whispering and Moaning, Strange shapes and shadows. As yet nothing but orbs caught on cameras and camcorders.

Various Sites in Angelsey and North Wales - Saturday 23rd May - Thursday 28th May 2009. Investigation Team Mick and Brenda. Beaumaris gaol, Flint Castle, Bryn Celli Ddu burial chamber, Din Lligwy Ancient Settlement, Bodowyr, Chapel and Burial Chamber Din Lligwy

Spiritual Centre Yorkshire - Tuesday 16th June 2009. Investigation Team Steve and Brenda joined by members of the public. Lights, mists,shadows banging in answer to Steve 'calling out'. EMF started on its own making extremely strange noises. Batteries drained. Presence of a man called Albert who worked (or was connected) to the building in modern times and who passed with a heart attack. Although there was no real concrete evidence when Brenda asked the spirit to "give us something just before we leave for the night" a 'contact' alarm, which had been in the ladies toilet throughout the investigation, started screeching which only happens when contact is broken. When we checked on the objects before leavimg the contact alarm was half an inch apart and the batteries were flat. One of the trigger objects, placed in another room, had moved slightly.
Old Manor Houses Derbyshire - Saturday 20th June 2009. Investigation Team Mick and Brenda. The night was spent between two old manor houses and an old abandoned farm very interesting, lots of shadows and noises. Nothing captured on camera unfortunately.
Investigation - Saturday 22nd August 2009. Investigation in Norfolk area, Bren and Mick. Great site, full of history. Recorded some very good EVP. Unable to publish report or EVP from this at present as it is to be included in a book Brenda is writing. This is a real mystery.
Charity Ghost Hunt Night - Saturday 5th September 2009. Investigation in Sheffield. Burton Street School. Interesting venue. Some of the mediums present picked up on various spirits from over the years.
Errwood Hall and Buxton Lime Kilns - Friday 11th September 2009 - Sunday 13th September 2009. Investigations in Derbyshire area, Bren and Mick. Great sites, Errwood Hall - Bren picked up on a woman searching for a lost child, and a suicide. 2 other sites investigated.
Hollinshead Hall and Holy Well - Saturday 19th September 2009 - Sunday 20th September 2009. Very good site with lots of history. We may not have seen any ghosts but we certainly got visited during the night. It turns out that the car park we decided to camp in after the investigation was the local 'red light' district.
Feedback - I thought all of you guys who attended this particular investigation would like to hear this. Last night (9th October 2009) about 9.30pm I received a phone call from someone who once lived at this particular venue saying they had just found our write up about the house they lived in and wanted to thank us because everything we experienced that night had also been experienced by them whilst living there. the man told me that they had been branded as cranks and liars and had to move to an area where no one knew them as a result of this. He said reading our report had made him very happy. This was an investigation carried out a good few years ago and was well publised. If I say 'burning coal on the rug' you should know where I mean. Rich, Mikey, Gaz, Steve, Mick. Thanks guys you were absolute stars.
Clitheroe Castle, Pendle Hill and St. Mary's Churchyard - Saturday 11th October 2009 - Sunday 12th October 2009. Great night at Clitheroe. One of the few sites that still offers free daytime entrance to the public. Found an interesting old well in the town itself. The churchyard (Pendle) was interesting but difficult to investigate due to a security light on a house opposite that keeps coming on and shines directly into the churchyard.
Seekers Trust Retreat -Thursday 22nd October 2009 - Sunday 25th October 2009. Great retreat and weekend of workshops at Seekers Trust.
Rochester Castle - Saturday 24th October 2009 Interesting site.
Whitby Goth Fest - Friday 30th October 2009 - Sunday 1st November. Great weekend, beautiful weather on Saturday.
Art Show NEC Birmingham - Sunday 8th November 2009
Barristers Chambers Leeds - Friday 29th January 2010 - investigation team - Mick, Bren, Denise, Alan and Yvonne. Presence of a young house maid who died during chilbirth and a caretaker who committed suicide.Interesting site. PICTURES
Outdoors Stocksbridge area - Friday 29th January 2010 - investigation team - Mick, Bren, went to investigate a report of a sighting on a road fairly near Stocksbridge.
Private House Hackenthorpe - Tuesday 30th March 2010 - investigation team - Steve, Bren. Called to the house by the residents, very scared, several things have occured experienced by both the husband and wife. We got some very interesting audio footage and a contact alarm was set off. Inclined to think this is not a haunting but a build up of Electromagnetic Fields due to 'nervous' energy from the client and her family.
Private House Hackenthorpe - Thursday 1st April 2010 - investigation team - Mike W, Bren. Revisited the house because the resident was still complaining of activity. Got there to find a case of mass hysteria involving the whole family. Managed to calm everyone except the resident who was very insistent about the 'haunting' until it was pointed out that she was not experiencing any of the symptoms when her mind was on something else. Gave some advice as to what could be done and left. Will keep in touch and be on hand for advice.
Private House Longley - Monday 12th April 2010 - investigation team - Mike W, Bren. Resident very psychic and interested in the Paranormal but also very anti sharing her home. Husband and two young children share the house with her. Believe her to be 'picking up' on a former resident. Gave her some names and some information on what we believe to be a former resident and asked her to carry out her own research into the history (keeps her occupied and looking at the'haunting' in a different way). Gave general advice on how to manage psychic ability. Will keep in touch with her to see how she is progressing.
Public House North Sheffield - Thursday 15th April 2010 - investigation team - Mike W, Bren, Jon W, Denise. Interesting venue, very hospitable couple.
Old Long House, Lancashire - Saturday 19th June 2010 - investigation team - Mick, Bren. What a great venue and so nice to see part of our heritage being restored and made useful again.
Sheffield Town Hall - Saturday 10th July 2010 - investigation team - Mike W, Bren, Denise, Gareth, Jane, Sandra, Nicola, Sophie, Fiona. Beautiful building, interesting night although very little happened, enjoyed by all.
Cocktails & Screams Night - Monday 12th July 2010 - investigation team - Mike W, Bren, Denise. Good evening consisting of Talks, workshops, deep trance demonstration and investigation. Unfortunately the ghosts of Carbrrok Hall did not put in a personal appearance but a few characters spoke during the trance session.
Cumbria Sites Investigations - 18th July-26th July 2010 - investigation team - Mick, Bren,
Investigaton and Deep Trance Demo - Friday 20th August 2010 - investigation team - Mike W, Bren,Denise, members of public

Back after absence due to family illness

Preliminary Investigaton Sheffield City Centre pub - Thursday 14th October 2010 - investigation team -Brenda, Ken Billingham

Skidbrooke Church - Sunday 17th October 2010 - investigation team - Bren, Mick and Lincolnshire investigation team. This is a really interesting place with lots of character.
Deep Trance Demo - Monday 25th August 2010 -- Bren, Mick, members of public - successful night for a small group of people.

Hallowscream, Concord Sports Centre - Saturday 30th October 2010 - investigation team - Bren, Mick, Keith, Jon, Denise, Gareth and members of the public - after a problem with the oven not browning the pies, lots of electrical hitches and complaints from several churches the evening turned out to be quite a good one with about 60 people attending. Apparantly the trance was quite productive. TRANCE RECORDING HERE

The Three Tuns, Sheffield - Sunday 31st October 2010 - investigation team - Bren, Denise, Gareth, Mike, Jackie, Ken, Fidelma and Gavin. - after a nice meal of burger and chips cooked and served by Fidelma we settled down to the investigation. Such an interesting building. A Victorian gentleman was picked up on in the bar area he had a crooked leg and swayed, slightly balding, around 5ft 8 in. A young girl was picked up upon in one of the upstairs rooms who tragically died from smoke inhalation from a 'blow back' from the fireplace. She was pregnant at the time and told us the master used to beat her. A man spoke to us in the large room that the landlady uses and said he was the victualler in 1872 and his wife passed with consumtion in one of the top floor rooms. A name was given. Trance recording available. PHOTO HERE
Circle of Friends, Trance Demo - Friday 12th November 2010 -
Clitheroe Psychic Fayre - Saturday 27th November 2010 -
Evening of Clairvoyance - Friday 10th December 2010 - Kilton Forest Community Centre, Worksop
Evening of Experimental Deep Trance and Transfiguration - Sunday 6th February 2011 - Kilton Forest Community Centre, Worksop
Evening of Clairvoyance - Friday 25th February 2011 - Kilton Forest Community Centre, Worksop
BBC Radio Leeds - Wednesday 2nd March 2011
Private House Darnall Sheffield - Monday 7th March 2011 - Brenda, Mike W investigating. Voices on recordings, objects moving, TV being turned on and off, strange photos, apports. Recordings yet to be checked.
Spooksfest York - Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th March 2011 - Brenda giving readings in the Olde White Swan Pub from 12pm - 5pm both days.
Marston Moor revisited - Friday/Saturday 11th & 12th March 2011 - Brenda, Mick . Strange figures including a horse, horse and rider and many on foot. Thumps and taps on the side of the van. PHOTOS HERE
Towton Battlefield, Medieval Chapel - Sunday 13th March 2011 - Brenda, Mick . Visited a fantastic medieval church, followed by a trip to the areas version of "The Slaughtered Lamb" pub (amazing 15th century alehouse, then on to Towton battlefield for an overnighter. Strange visitor in our van during the night moving cups and rustling carrier bag. PHOTOS HERE
Factory Sheffield on site of old colliery - Thursday 16th June 2011 - Brenda, Mick . Presence of a young boy from the turn of the century, who likes to watch the staff and move things.
Psychic Fayre Kilton Forest Community Centre - Sunday 26th June 2011 10am - 4pm

Old Spanish Shrine Cheshire Investigation - Sunday 10th July 2011 - Brenda, Mick. PHOTOS HERE

Travellers pub, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 26th July 2011 7.00pm

Timbertop pub, Readings - Tuesday 2nd Aug 2011 6.00pm


Divine Service, Sands of Time Denaby - Sunday 7th August 2011 7.30pm

Bolingbroke Castle, 3 Bunkers, Old church, museum - Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th August 2011 - Bren and Mick. Interesting audio footage and some great photos PHOTOS HERE

Psychic Supper Deep Trance Demonstration Ridgeway - Saturday 3rd Sept 2011 8.30pm

Hatfields pub, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 6th Sept 2011 7.00pm

The Corner Pin pub, Psychic Evening - Thursday 8th Sept 2011 7.00pm

Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration Black Swan Inn - Saturday 10th September 2011 7.30pm

Yellow Lion pub, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 20th Sept 2011 7.00pm


Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration Old Lodge Malton - Friday 23rd September 2011, 7.30pm - 9.00pm

The Cumberland pub, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 27th Sept 2011 7.00pm


Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration Kingston Upon Thames Spiritualist Church - Friday 30th September 2011 7.00pm

Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration Ilkley - Friday 7th October 2011 7.00pm

Public House Investigation, public house (H) Sheffield - Monday 10th Oct 2011 11.30pm

Romans Rest, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 11th Oct 2011 7.00pm


Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration Holistic Centre Loughborough - Friday 14th October 2011 7.30pm

Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration Vine Spiritual Centre Nottingham - Monday 17th October 2011 7.00pm

Marquist, Psychic Evening - Monday 24th Oct 2011 7.00pm

Highwayman, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 25th Oct 2011 7.00pm

Evening of Clairvoyance, Birstall - Wednesday 26th Oct 2011 7.00pm


Whitby Goth Fest Special Camping Weekend - Saturday & Sunday 29th & 30th October 2011


Halloween Special Red Lion Grenoside - Monday 31st October 2011 - An evening of entertainment including Historical talk on the area, Halloween games, Clairvoyant/photo/psychometric demo, intuitive tarot workshop, Deep trance/cabinet demo.

Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration and talk, Stepping Stones, Ilkeston Road, Heanor, Derbyshire DE75 7AG - Friday 4th November 2011 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Psychic Fayre Timbertop Shirecliffe - Sunday 6th Nov 2011 2.00pm - 6.00pm. Readers, Therapists, Sellers, demos.


Milestone, Psychic Evening - Tuesday 29th Nov 2011 7.00pm
4 x revisit investigations of some old haunts - Monday 31st October 2011 - Team Mick, Brenda, Tom and Georgina.
Experimental Deep Trance Demonstration, Kingston Upon Thames Spiritualist Church - Saturday 3rd March 2012
3 Mini Investigations of Wardsend, Hoober Stand and Needles Eye especially arranged for a few members of our Facebook group - Monday 15th October 2012
Deep Trance demonstration by Brenda Diskin at Sands of Time- Thursday 18th October 2012 -

Cocktails & Screams 'Dark Nights' Halloween event Wath and West Melton - Wednesday 31st October 2012 - Team Mick, Brenda and various members of the public. Table tipping, mini investigation, Victorian style seance. We have been asked back this year.

Rose & Crown and Old Jail - Saturday 10th November 2012 - Team Steve Strange, Mike W, Brenda, Sheena, Elliott and Deirdre.
Rose & Crown and Old Jail - Monday 10th December 2012 - Team Steve Strange, Gordon, Brenda, Elliott and Landlords. Second visit for new landlords
Annison Building - Thursday 21st January 2016 - Team Bren, Mike W and Di. Early in the evening Brenda picked on a man in the stables who was tending a horse that appeared to not like him (a chestnut mare), he get referring to her as a 'stupid nag'. Later on Brenda went into trance and channelled a man called Maurice who worked as a stable lad and who had been killed by a horse. He appeared to be a bit backward. He kept talking about water and when asked what year it was he replied 'when the king was here' He told what king it was and when we checked up after we were told that was correct and it was when the town was flooded. Some pictures here
Private Farm House Near Derbyshire - Thursday 21st April 2016 - Team Bren, Di, Nikki, Joan, Mandy joined by members of the family. Very interesting building and out buildings with lots of history. Trance recordings here. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Pictures here
Thackerays Medical Museum Charity Ghost Hunt- Friday 13th May 2016 - Team Bren, Di, Nikki, Joan, 12 members of public. Very interesting building .Pictures here

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