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The Windsor Hotel, Wybourn
Ghostly shadows seen by staff and customers
  Windsor Hotel investigation report can be found below

I carried out some research on the area and found that there was a Hotel on South end Road called Saxe Coburg and Gotha which was changed to Royal House because we were at war with Germany it was renamed to the Windsor in 1917. It is unclear when it was demolished

Team: Brenda, Steve, various members of staff and public.
We had been called in to investigate several 'sightings' by staff. Most of which were curtains moving, reflections in mirrors and quick glimpses of things out of the corner of the eye.

We arrived at the venue at 11.30pm it was a large building built about 80 years ago with a newer extension. The pub was still open but it gave us a chance to get a feel for the place. The main area of activity seemed to be centred around the concert room area although various sounds had been heard from the flat upstairs. WE decided to condense our search to the most common area of sightings - the concert room. Before we started we decided to have a look at the cellar as there are some kind of tunnels there we are arranging to go back to check these out at a later date.

We set up trigger objects and a tape recorder on the stage as this is the area where most of the activity has been experienced. We also set up a video camera focused on the stage area and a tape recorder near the bar and bingo area where a mans voice was heard.
We checked the whole room for EMF readings and noted where the wiring, electrical equipment, pipes, etc. were giving us readings. We placed a room type thermometer on the pool table and checked the room temperature with an infra red thermometer. The average temperature in the room was 20 degrees. It was slightly colder on the stage and there seemed to be a bit of a draught around this area.
We settled down in an area where there were no EMF readings to sit quietly and see if we would experience any of the alleged happenings.
Steve took a few photos with a digital camera which he carried on doing throughout the investigation. A few orbs were captured on camera which, after close inspection, we attributed to dust.
Brenda picked up on an elderly lady in a coat with large checks; this lady seemed to be recognised by some of the people present as a customer.
After a while one of the ladies present screamed. She said that something had hit her. Nothing happened for quite sometime and some people left the room. After about 30minutes we were joined by some other people who sat quietly and listened to what was going on and being said. Several times Steve asked if there were any spirits present but there was no response. Again someone said they had been hit by something but this time we heard the sound of something being thrown and on investigation we found it to be a 5 pence piece. Certain people left the room and the rest of us settled down to do a circle. Several spirits came through Brenda in trance that were recognised by those present as past customers, several names were given.
Our conclusion on the night was that any spirits that might be present were past customers but there was no real activity, well no spirit activity that is.

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