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RAF Bempton
Cold War Underground Bunker
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Centrimetric Early Warning (CEW) ROTOR station.

Guard House

Guard House and Block House

Guard House Side View showing veranda with flower bed

Investigation team Bren, Mick 24th May 2008

Most of this site is now demolished and the rest is used by the farm owner for storage. This was a Catergory A site and was cntrolled by RAF Military Police. It contained a guardhouse, radar structure and mast, armoury, a Block House Extension which contains the access shaft leading to the underground R1 Main Operations Block. This operations block was a huge underground bunker with blast doors much the same as RAF Holmpton. Housed in the underground operations block was: Main operations rooms, PDU/GSM workshops and stores, AC plant rooms,WRAF and RAF toilets and rest rooms, kitchen, emergency exit.

Emergency Exit and main air intake

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