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The Mental Hospital
Built 1872. Now a housing estate
  Mental hospital report can be found below
Middlewood Man

The building is Grade 2 listed but has been allowed to fall into an extremely bad state of disrepair, in fact it is probably almost irreparable. We have some extremely good footage on camcorder of orbs, lights, ghostly shadows etc. We also experienced a lot of physical contact from spirit including the feeling of one particular spirit passing through our bodies. A full report of this investigation will be published on this site as soon as we are able to go public with it. We obtained some strange video footage at this site (lights and shadows/mists).

Orignally Middlewood hospital was known as South Yorkshire Asylum (1872-1890) It then became West Riding Asylum, Wadsley (1890-1930) apart from a couple of years from 1915 onwards when the hospital was evacuated by the military to be used as Wharncliffe War Hospital.From 1930 the hospital became Wadsley Mental hospital and remained so until 1939 when 2,200 patients were evacuated so that the hospital could once again be used as a war hospital. After the military had finished with it, the hospital again became Wadsley mental hospital until 1948 when it became Middlewood hospital. The hospital closed in 1998 when it was demolished to make way for a housing estate. The only original building still standing is the Administration block which is a Grade 2 listed building which as part of the contract of sale was supposed to be renovated. The building is now practically irrepairable. The owners, I think, are hoping it will fall down(with a litle help, I may add) so that they can build 38 new apartments on the site.

After doing some research at the local library we have come up with some interesting documentation. 1872- After furnishing the wards and appointing staff, the Asylum was declared ready for opening on August 21st. The total cost of providing the site, and for the erection and furnishings up to September 29th, the end of the financial year, was as follows:-

£. s.d.
For purchase of land, buildings and burial ground
For expenses of building and works connected therewith
Road making and planting
Sundry other expenses

Meaning, therefore, that if Middlewood mental hospital was built on a burial ground then so is the new housing estate they have just built on the site.

The site is also home to some 300 million year old fossil trees. These fossils are going to be covered up and preserved.

Not all the original inmates of the hospital were lunatics, some were paupers from the workhouses who were no longer able to work, some were women suffering from post-natal depression and some were suffering from things like epilepsy. Insulin shock treatment was introduced into the hospital in 1935 for the treatment of schizophrenia. The hospital also had a mortuary and post mortem room.

We have lots more information and photographs which we may add at a later date.

Thursday April 30th 2009 ONGOING. A couple that rented one of the apartments in the adminstration building had serious paranormal happenings which disturbed them so much that they have since moved. They are a level headed business couple in their 40's who are not prone to flights of fancy. We visite d the site several times over a six week period. below are some the results we obtained.

Investigation teams Brenda, John, Steve. Brenda, Steve, Mikey, joined by Denise. Brenda and Steve .Brenda, Julie, Carrie, Joyce. So far we have had the sensor alarms going of on four seperate occasions (contact had to be broken for this to occur, happenand once when the main 'haunter' was asked to show hinself), knocking from under the bed, heavy footsteps and light coming on in corridor when no one was there, security chain taken off of door, whispering, moanining, whistling and short bursts of a child crying, tiny flasihing blue lights, sound of metal objects being scaped together (bit like when supermarket trolleys scrape together), glass marble triggers objects reacting as if they were magnetic, equipment batteries drained, mobile phones drained, video cameras turning themselves off when there was still tape left, digital recorders turning off, dictaphones rewinding, presences felt, feelings of nausea and stomach pains, oppression, various spirits speaking through the medium giving names and dates, other noises, lights and occurrences that could be attributed to natural causes. Whispering and Moaning, Strange shapes and shadows. As yet nothing but orbs caught on cameras and camcorders.

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