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Hallam FM
  Hallam FM Sheffield's Main Radio stations resident ghost.
Hallam FM investigation report can be found below

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Hallam FM Investigation 11th March 2005

We arrived at Hallam around 10pm. The group was accompanied by Steve Strange (Hallam producer) and two media students. We all went into the cellar where Mick talked about the equipment and what it is used for. We split into two groups. Group 1 took the bar area and group 2 took the 'spooky room' and surrounding area. Mick went down into the cellar area (which was flooded) and took some photographs. We settled down in the bar area to see what would happen. The temperature at this point was 8.2 degrees. Brenda felt very cold on the right hand side of her face. Mick went to let Dave in and when he returned he told us that the other group had heard shelves creaking and had taken a weird photograph (which can be seen on the Hallam FM website). The temperature in the bar area felt as though it had dropped, Gaz captured a light anomaly on camera. Brenda picked up on the names Mary and Charlie. Brenda gave the name of Dennis and said she felt it was with Steve. Bren and Gaz both (Steve said he didn't know a Dennis, but by coincidence we had a Dennis called the Nick at Night show while we were on it the following Sunday). Both Bren and Gaz thought they saw something moving by the bar area and it appeared to be quite misty. The room also felt very cold. Everyone heard something moving about and there were strange noises on tape. Brenda picked up on a man who had a problem with his right leg, may have walked with a bit of a limp. Everyone was shivering but the temperature had actually gone up. A shadow went across in front of Brenda that was seen by several members of the group. The camcorder turned itself off.

Brenda said she felt the presence of a 'cellar man' in his late 50's modernish time span. Dark hair going a bit grey, receding at the sides, about 6ft or a bit less, medium build. He dropped down dead. She also saw a woman cleaner, smallish, wearing a crossover flowery pinny, 1950's -60's, medium length unruly grey hair, 5ft 3in tall,late 40's but looked 60, bad teeth, old fashioned in appearance.She was stood just in front of the bar then moved towards the shelves.The temperature dropped from 7 degrees to 4. The woman had worked there a long time (part of the furniture). The camera turned itself off again and so did one of the torches. It started to feel even colder. Gaz checked the windows for drafts but there weren't any. The name of George was given, an older man with longer grey hair. The temperature had gone up to 9 degrees although the air felt absolutely freezing. A dark shape was seen next to Brenda.

Brenda went into trance and someone started to speak through her, but it was difficult to understand at first. A mans voice said 'Jack'.He seemed to have some kind of breathing problem, kept coughing. The others called on the walky talky and Brenda came out of trance suddenly.

We took a break for coffee and Steve told Brenda he had picked up something on tape while Brenda was in trance, a mans voice saying "I don't want to go home" twice. There was also a lot of interference on the camcorder tape at about this time.

The two groups went back down to the bar area where we discovered on of the coins (trigger objects) had moved. We swapped areas for our second vigil of the night.

Bren sat in the doorway to the 'programs promotion corridor' so that she could see both the corridor and the room. We heard what sounded like footsteps walking up the corridor towards us.Brenda could hear a woman's voice and asked if there was anyone above us in the building. We then moved to the back room. Mick had set a motion detector up in the corridor and this went off on its own. Brenda picked up on a man in a dark suit or overall, black boots, carrying a shovel. She went into trance and picked up a man who had problems breathing because his legs and chest had been crushed.

We had another break. Both groups joined together for a vigil in the bar, feeling it to be the most active area. we all squeezed into the area in front of the bar. A light shot across in front of us all. There seemed to be something moving down the back aisle and both Bren and Mick felt 'cobwebbing'. Mick saw something to his left and Steve's mike started to buzz loudly. Everything went totally black to the side of the room where Brenda was and it started to feel exceptionally cold. Brenda went into trance, it was absolutely freezing in the room. A man started to talk through Brenda he seemed quite cold and distressed. He said "Basement. Water. I need to get away from this place. He's coming back. Smoke. Keep him away. Stop. Stop. Don't. No more. Don't play with him. He is not to be messed with. He doesn't like you. What are you playing at? He is here" The voice started to get stronger at this point. "Tom. Stop messing around. Stop. He's coming again. Hurts. legs. Stop" Someone different started to come through and there was a weird smell like sulphur. It went very cold again. Something fell over. Brenda's face started to change shape. There were a lot of knocking noises. Brenda said "He is trying to materialise" Mick said that the side of his face was stinging. Mike picked up on the name Sebastian.

There was a strong smell like aftershave. Quite a few of the group could see a small cloud of vapour which seemed to be coming out of Brenda's mouth. There seemed to be two different presences speaking at once. "I am here" "I'll start in a minute" "Arsenic, Help me" "I am in" "I am in" "Dying, I am all tied up" "He has started" Brenda then pointed to the back wall, Mike said that what happened was along by the back wall. "Higher" "He has told me he is trying to stop me" The air was freezing now. Mike was talking to the spirit trying to calm and reassure it. "He has started" Mike told the spirit that nothing could hurt him. "He won't hurt me?" Mike was guiding him and answering him all the time. "Take" The camcorder moved on its own (no one was near it) it turned on the tripod about 120 degrees and then turned back again. Something pushed past Mike and thumped him in the back.

"You wanted it now you've got it" Mike took over telling him that we were protected. Something started pushing Steve's microphone. Mick told the spirit that we didn't feel threatened by it "You should feel threatened" then directly to Mike "You should be the one" The camcorder was banging and moving on the tripod (no one was touching it), shadows were passing in front and behind it. "Watch" The camera started moving again, witnessed by all except Brenda (in trance) and Mick (out of view). The camera moved some more and then back to where it started. "Sty" ??

"Watch and learn" Something moved across the doorway and right up close to where everyone was sitting. "Go to h**l" Brenda started to come out of trance. "J..S" "Justice" "One day" Brenda came fully back.

We decided to call it a night and packed up the equipment. It was about 4.30 am and we were all 'shattered'

This is just some of what happened, all in all it was a very productive night.!!!

We have 6 hours of video footage and the whole of the audio from the programmes on CD's.

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