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Five Arches
Local public house Sheffield, now demolished
Five Arches investigation report can be found below
Five Arches Wednesday 8th February 2006
The investigation was carried out in the main bar area, where there had been reports of sightings of various entities. The investigation started around midnight after all the pub guests had left. My self and Roy (team leader) conducted the base line tests to determine temperature, humidity and Gauss readings. Shortly after that we settled down to do vigils, with the staff and our team. There were nine people present. Being as there was only one room we remained as one team. Trigger objects were placed around the room. Two coins and marbles placed in each corner. Staff have seen people walking around after the pub is closed and also feel as though their hair is being stroked. Not long into the investigation Brenda proceeded to go into trance. I asked who the entity was and if it knew where it was, I was told he was 'Simon Tibus'. He said he was a chandler and that he made bridles. He lived on the land where the pub now stands. I was told that he had been kicked in the side of his head by a horse. 16th day of March 1815, I asked how old he was he told me 74 years old. He has a cottage here, one to forge, Dale House. He was married but his wife died in childbirth many years ago. He owns a horse and has an apprentice. He told me to 'dig it out' but could not understand what he was on about?. There was a battle here, but not army, men with sticks, pick axe handles, ordinary men, lots of shouting. A lady has also been seen inside the pub, very thin face and old looking. Several of the group witnessed something moving down the bottom of the pub even though we were all sat in one area. When I asked Mikey what he had witnessed he told me about lots of shadows and mist, some one walked straight through the bar, a young girl in a long dark coat. A vase in the vicinity sounded as though someone had scraped their nails down it. Mikey also felt pain down the side of his face and back. He also heard footsteps in the toilet area and experienced ‘weird’ air temperatures. On our second vigil we had a lady came through who asked what we had done with the pub as it had all been changed. I was told the room was bigger but it was still a pub, she called herself Martha and didn't like what they had done with the pub. For our third and final vigil we decided to conduct a seance with us all sat in a circle around the table. Everyone in the circle experienced a cold sensation , and a strange mist and darkness in the centre of the table. Also everyone at the table said they felt it vibrate and it also felt as though the top wasn't solid. Towards the end of the vigil Brenda brought through a very distressed boy asking for help apparently he had his leg trapped in a snare of some kind and was in great pain. He was called Edward and lived in the area.

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