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Cemetery Charity Ghost Hunt
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Old Cemetery charity history talk and paranormal investigation

Old Cemetery, Sheffield

Date: Saturday 5th October 2013
Time: 9.30pm onwards.
Price: £10.00 - to be paid in full by 30th September
(all proceeds go to the Friends of the Cemetery for its upkeep)

Please wear warm clothing and comfortable flat footware.

Bring torches, camera's and refreshments.


You will be required to provide your own transport to and from the event.

If anyone is willing to offer lifts to people travelling from the same area for a contribution towards fuel please Email us with details.

This cemetery is steeped in history and has had many sightings of ghosts and supernatural presences. The evening will begin with a history walk and talk with the Cemetery historian. Followed by a paranormal investigation of this weird and wonderful cemetery.

All proceeds from this event will go towards the upkeep of the cemetery.

There will be limited places for this event, so please pay in advance to secure a place. (please do not just turn up on the night). There is parking but it is a bit limited so if you can share a ride with someone else it will help. Please be aware that the toilet facilities are behind the nearest big bush!!!!

Many visitors to the cemetery have witnessed strange phenomena, will you be the next to meet the cemetery's strange resident?


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