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Royal Oak
Chesterfield home of the Crooked Spire a quaint 12th century public house - the Royal Oak.
  Royal Oak investigation report can be found below
Royal Oak Chesterfield 22nd October 2005

We turned up at the royal oak at 10.30pm but could not start the investigation until 11.45 when the pub was closed and cleaned. Our first tour was around the public house starting with the cellar and ending in the attic. We split into two teams, Trigger objects were placed around the pub and alarms set-up in various rooms. the pub dates back to before 1300's. The pub itself is a quaint old house small doors low ceiling and very atmospheric. Our first vigil was in the main bar area while the other team started in the attic area. While in the main bar area Brenda picked up on a person dressed as a Quaker stood near the old door way in the older part of the bar. She also got a very strange sensation in her chest area, orbs were captured on the video above our heads which at one time would have been another floor. We had problems focusing the camera in this location as though the camera was trying to focus on something we could not see. The temperature dropped quit drastically in this area. The image on video around Brenda was very blur and quite strange looking. Brenda also picked up on a old woman who moves between the bars which was confirmed by the bar staff that accompanied us. Apparently this part used to be a butchers at one time but Brenda believed it was a Inn before that, after checking a book about the history of the pub it was found out to be a Inn dating back to the 16th century. Later in the investigation the camera started to make a load chirping sound which we have never heard before. Brenda saw a man (spirit) stood as though he was on a floor that does not exist now looking out of the window, dressed in a kind of tunic attire possibly dating back to the crusades. Demont fort, Simon Demont fort, Foresters, Who’s carrying the cross?, Dark-haired man some kind of bishop being paid by someone possibly thought to be some kind of puritan lots of strange puzzling descriptions by Brenda. We then headed down to the cellar area to see if we could find more information regarding what we had just witnessed. The cellar was a arched type area with a large stone slab in one corner. As soon as we entered the cellar Brenda picked up on a entity with brown straggly hair and rotten teeth, brown apron not tall standing in the door way. She described the man as wanting to enter the room but angry because we are there in his room. Almost immediately Brenda went into trance pulling the side of her face as though she had some deformity. I asked for a name and after some coaching I got name John, I also asked if he worked down here and was told he scrap the meat. I was told this to make paste, and worked for cottonon. I also asked why he was pulling the side of his face and I managed to make out that he was deformed by a arrow shot that went rotten and took most of his cheek. he told me it was not a king when asked what year it was but managed to find he was away fighting. I found it very hard to understand what he was saying as though he was a slow witted person. The king I managed to find out had a lion on and had gone to fight???. Most of the information I got was that he made the meat and got paid two grouts, he lived down the side of the pub. He thinks he was 37 years old and was born on a Monday, everything was very difficult to understand and very confusing. He informed me he was fighting for the king in a field but was not a soldier. He works for him self and can make his mark and make levy? which I believe is some kind of payment. While talking to this entity the room got colder and seemed to get a lot darker. Our next vigil was to take place in the attic area. In the attic area were hundreds of orbs or was it all me dust that was around. The attic was small dark dusty with old oak beams. The Emf readings in this area fluctuated quite a lot. A fog was thought to have been seen in the darkness. Not a great deal was witnessed in the attic but we were informed that noises were heard as though something would be dragged around up here. I asked if there was any spirits present and to make a noise, touch one of us, show itself but got nothing at all. A smell of tobacco was smelt at one stage of the vigil in the attic as though some one had walked past us smoking a pipe. The barmaid who was with us felt strange sensation in her legs, and the other females felt as though something was touching there legs, this lasted for a few minutes. On play back of the video there was a definite voice of a female which was not heard at the time. Our last vigil took place on the 3rd floor which consisted of 3 rooms. Brenda picked up on a crying girl in this room but could not tell me why, she is crying because some one is not coming back?. She believed to be dressed in pre-Victorian times and is with baby, another room where we got temperature drops. Brenda picked up on a large gentleman with riding boots and breeches with a jacket and tails. Andrew (investigator) thought this room was a nursery with a little girl her possibly called Victoria which was later some of it was confirmed by the staff. Brenda picked up on a priest or monk who is present who was corrupt who should have been working for the church but was working for his own gratification. While Brenda was describing this person the Emf readings started raising drastically until it reached a high pitch.

Description Of what happened to the other team during the investigation.

The other team picked up on the man in the cellar, and also picked up on a dirty workman in the upstairs bar, they also witnessed temperature drops. In the cellar they felt as though there were possibly tunnels including a well. They also heard a bang upstairs in the bar area as well as foot steps. They also so a shape move as they came up the stairs. In the attic they got a drop of temperature of 10deg in a few seconds, plus lots of movement. The trigger object I placed around the rooms 3 out of 4 had moved, one had moved drastically. I placed 4 marbles on talcum powder in the attic and one had moved half a inch leaving a trail. Five nails I had lent up against the upstairs fireplace, one had moved to the centre of the floor which I found to be the most impressive item of the night had some one knocked it we will never know.

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