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The Bull I' Th' Thorn
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The Bull I' Th' Thorn

The Bull i' th' Thorn
Ashbourne Road,
Near Buxton,
SK17 9QQ

Date: Friday 13th September 2013
Time: 8.30pm until 3am or beyond.
Price: £50.00 - to be paid in full by 1st August
(including 2 tier buffet and all entertainment)

On all investgations please bring warm clothing and wear comfortable flat footware
Events Payment

You will be required to provide your own transport to and from the event.

If anyone is willing to offer lifts to people travelling from the same area for a contribution towards fuel please Email us with details.


Friday 13th is a date steeped in superstition, dare you join us for a fun packed night full of spooky paranormal entertainment in this ancient coaching inn. Will you last out until the witching hour?

The evening begins with the first tier of the buffet, this will consist of hot food. The second tier cold buffet willl be served later in the evening.

The boring bit - short health, safety and housekeeping talk, this only takes about 15 mins.

An introduction to the equipment. Try our paranormal detection equipment: dowsing rods, EMF meters, contact thermometers, night vision scope, etc. learn how to set up trigger objects.

Workshop or Clairvoyant demonstration.

Using the equipment, and tools of the trade to bring 'spirirt energy' closer. Join us in seances, table tipping, glass divination, dowsing work, Ouija boards, the Human Pendulum, and more as we explore what or who haunts this building.

Your questions answered.

Demonstration of Deep Trance Mediumship in a cabinet with red light.

Medium walkaround to see what and whom awaits us on our investigation.

Midnight vigils in smaller groups.

Do your own thing. Re-investigate the area of your choice.

Regroup to exchange notes.


Standing high and solitary on the old Roman Road between Buxton and Ashbourne, The Bull i' th' Thorn has for more than 500 years been a welcoming resting place for travellers by horse or stage-coach.

Today it still offers a friendly olde worlde atmosphere to both visitors and locals alike and has an enviable reputation for it's pleasant staff, fantastic home-cooked food and comfortable accommodation.

Many centuries ago the Roman Road from Little Chester to Buxton was known as "The Street", running through the uplands near Hurdlow and Pomeroy, it it now called the A515.

Over 700 years ago there was a farmhouse alongside the Roman Road and marked on the maps of the time. In 1472 it became a hostelry called "The Bull".

In 1654 the name changed to "Hurdlow House" and various old documents make reference to "Hurdlow Thorn"…evidently, the name "Bull 'i th' Thorn" is derived from a combination of these past associations.

During the 18th and 19th Centuries, this was a prominent Coaching Inn on the Derby to Manchester route. Inside, Tudor panelling - bearing carvings of 1642 and 1742 - and the stone flagged floor illustrate the genuine antiquity of this charming old Inn.

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